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  1. I have 5 lor controllers 2 ccr controllers and 2 e131 controllers. I ran the my show last night with now problems. Now tonight I have two of my lor boxes blinking green lights. I have checked and power is coming in to the controllers I have check the cat 5 cable and seems to be find. I have changed fuses just incase and still just blinking with no lights. One box every now and then sends a signal to a couple of lights for just a second and then stops. Please can someone tell me what has happened and how do I fix this. Thank you
  2. I'm running the pix con e1.31. And I have the pro version of 4.3.24. My e1.31 is run on ethernet and my other controllers are straight of USB with the black USB-485 adapter.
  3. it is when I play the lights hooked up to sequence editor. I'm also using the black USB 485. I upgraded to the 4.3.24 software. I'm watching the show on the boxes when it is running in sequence editor. I have one new sequence I just did this year that sticks halfway through and won't run at all. I have 5 lor controllers run off of USB. One 16 pix e1.31 controller running off of ethernet port I have 4 pixel arches with 2 pix 2 controller and I'm adding a another pixel tree soon.
  4. When you watch my computer screen it runs smooth and doesn't stick
  5. I am getting my show ready for Christmas and I connected a few controllers to run and check. When I connect my usb 485 to my computer the show starts sticking. When I remove the usb 485 it stops sticking and stuttering. I have upgraded to the new S-4 program. I didn't have this problem last year with these same sequences. Could someone please tell me what could be causing this program. Thank You
  6. Does anyone have sequences to the song "I hear the bells on Christmas day by casting crowns". Really would love it if someone would please be willing to share. My email address is Barrycindymoore@aol.com. Thank you
  7. Would you please be willing to share a copy of you sequence to the song "I heard the bells on Christmas day".
  8. If anyone has a 48 channel sequence for Christmas vacation intro for free I would love to have it. I'm not very good on doing my own sequences. I have been looking for one with no success. Would also love the Sequence to the song also. Thanks Cindy Moore
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