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  1. Thank you Jeff M and Jeff F! I hope it brings a few smiles :-)
  2. Thank you Jeff! A special thank you to Chris for helping me complete this. Also a thank you to Robert for his patience during this time. Thank you :-)
  3. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it very much!! I'll take the advice of Jeff M and believe there's a plan :-) Thank you all. Dave
  4. And thank you Robert and Chris for all the support!!
  5. LOL, Chris you're funny!! Maybe we should both work on the chosen sequence together??
  6. Hmm, I like them both. But, Robert, if you forced me to choose only one, I'll pick the Star Wars theme
  7. davensj


    Thank you Jeff and BMurray! It makes me feel good knowing that. I sincerely appreciate it :-) Everyday I still hope for a miracle. I guess having faith is what helps and makes us human. Certainly keeps me sane :-)
  8. davensj


    Hey thank you everyone. I truly appreciate all good thoughts and prayers. I do my best to keep positive and always hopeful for any miracles. Your well wishes are a nice comfort. Thank you all :-)
  9. LOL I wish I had even more time to do many more songs. Sometimes I do dream about a SuperStar sequence LOL
  10. Hi Septon. Thank you for the compliment. It does take a bit of time to learn SuperStar. But once you understand it, it's great to create awesome effects. It's certainly worth purchasing and learning. Brian offers great support for his software :-)
  11. davensj


    Thank you everyone. I sincerely appreciate the support :-) We are hopeful something good will happen. Sometimes miracles do happen. Thank you all again
  12. Hi Jeff. Hmm not tapping out just yet. But work gets in the way haha
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