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  1. thanks much for the help !!
  2. danny.stachowicz@gmail.com not sure how to explain what im looking for other than i want something with christmas music and slow sequence thanks dan
  3. i would like a copy danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks
  4. m looking for one or more sequences for 32 chan. that are slow. i have a small show but im looking to add a slow sequence any help would be great thanks
  5. if still available i would like a copy danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks much!!
  6. i wouod like a copy please danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thank you
  7. i would like a copy! danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks
  8. i would like a copy danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks
  9. danny.stachowicz@gmail.com reg please! thanks
  10. if sharing ?? danny.stachowicz@gmail.com
  11. i would like a copy as well danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks
  12. awsome ! i would love a copy. danny.stachowicz@gmail.com thanks
  13. is trying to make a tree using 5 channel not woth it im tryin cant figure this mega tree wizard
  14. i am looking for any NEW 32 channel sequence's !?!? any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. if still willing to share any 32 channel , i sure could use them:) just starting late in the game thanks danny.stachowicz@gmail.com
  16. i also would like to check this out thanks!! danny.stachowicz@gmail.com
  17. I also would like to have these thanks Danny@mrdetailchicago.com
  18. Where is the best place to find led on sale? I need to find solid color red, green, blue, only Any help with this? Thanks
  19. Chicago has about 6 inch of snow with more to come. And cold cold cold but my show is issue free so far. I have my controllers mounted in my basement. My ground lights get covered every night and I use a broom to push it away but I will bust out the gas leaf blower to melt it down a bit. I may look Iike a weirdo but o well.
  20. I would like jonny Mathis but anyone really Thanks!
  21. Wondering if anyone has the sequence for Harlem shake??
  22. I'll take a copy if still shearing? Info@mrdetailchicago.com
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