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  1. could i get a copy too? meldog312@gmail.com
  2. Could you end me Grim Grinning Ghost, Ghost Busters, and Monster Mash? meldog312@gmail.com
  3. Anyone sharing any RGB halloween sequences? I normally just do a static display but the neighbor has asked if I could possibly throw something together for her grandkids who are coming into town. \ Thanks in advance! meldog312@gmail.com
  4. Could i get a copy of Nightmare before Christmas version as well pleasE? meldog312@gmail.com
  5. if your still sharing.... meldog312@gmail.com
  6. Could I also get this? meldog312@gmail.com
  7. Would also love a copy if you are sharing meldog312@gmail.com
  8. Interested in opening/closing as well meldog312@gmail.com
  9. Has anyone done Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) from the The Lost Christmas Eve album by Trans-Siberian Orchestra in pixels? Thanks, meldog312@gmail.com
  10. Could i get a copy as well? Thanks! meldog312@gmail.com
  11. Anyone have any RGB Intro's to share? THX? Christmas Vacation? I have switched the last of my static display to RGB, and the old intro just doesn't fit the rest of the songs I have worked out for this year and running out of time meldog312@gmail.com Thanks!!!
  12. Anyone have any patriotic RGB sequences that i could throw up for tonight? meldog312@gmail.com
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