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  1. Today in Santa Fe, NM, it snowed about 5 inches. I started my light show tonight, all elements were running as was the show on the computer, then I noticed only my RGB lights were running and none of the other elements in my show were on. Its pretty cold outside right now. Any suggestions on what can be happening? What should I be looking at tomorrow?
  2. Mr. Morris, may I have a copy of your sequence. Thanks in advance -Mateo skey803@aol.com
  3. Ok, guys and gals, this will be my 1st Halloween light show and I've constructed 4 singing monsters, I'll have 8 tombstones, 8 pumpkins, some red and white icicle lights, along with 4 RGB flood lights, what I'm looking for are either the above songs sequenced to faces or just the sequence without the faces. Check me out on youtube or facebook under Santasliteshow and if you like my Christmas sequencing let me know...I'm open to sharing...Tis the Season. My email is: skey803@aol.com Thanks in Advance, Mateo from New Mexico
  4. Does anyone know the difference if any, between the LOR 10W RGB floods and Creative Displays 10W RGB Floods. It looks like the Creative Displays floods can be daisy chained with one another and still use the same channel. Let me know and thanks.
  5. I have this song, it is a badass Christmas song. You'll love it. Send me your email.
  6. OMG, Thanks John, you're awesome, Merry Christmas. Your work is phenomenal.
  7. Ok, Fred and Mara, check your email, just sent it your way. Merry Christmas.
  8. Ok, Dakotahwelch and Carlos Baretto and extreme2966 check your emails, I've sent you the sequence. Good Luck! Thanks Santas Helper for the comment on the set up, I did try to make most of the lights Red, White and Blue for all our service people and thanks for your service, Tom.
  9. Old Sarge, my show is dedicated to the active and retired men and women of our armed services, My son is currently at Fort Hood. I would love to take a look at what you have. If you find anything on my Youtube site that you would like, just let me know. You can find me on youtube at Mateo Esquibel. My email address is: skey803@aol.com. Thanks Sgt.
  10. So, this is what I came up with, once you all helped me put it together. Check it out. http://youtu.be/mhDIwdprHHA?list=UU6xFhEhpvw-bcUSLmIss3-Q
  11. Hope you all like this song, here is my version. Happy Holidays! http://youtu.be/Wd8F9ov0Orw?list=UU6xFhEhpvw-bcUSLmIss3-Q
  12. For those of you who sent me the sequence, I greatly appreciated the gesture. I was able to utilize the song into my show and pulled it off for last nights showing, I'll post a video soon. Thanks again.
  13. I know this is an extremely late request, however, is there anyone out there that has already sequenced this song, perhaps already used it in their display last year. A young girl who saw my show last year asked if I had this song, of course i don't. Would any of you fine sequencers share with me. I have songs that I could share with you, check out my web at www.santasliteshow.com or my facebook: santas lite show. Thanks in advance! My email is: skey803@aol.com Thanks, Mateo Esquibel
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