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  1. Hey everyone. I'm sure there's some other post regarding this so I apologize for any duplication... I'd like to move everything over to a laptop. XP pc to a windows7 laptop ....any tips, tricks, suggestions, warnings. Or is it as simple installing the software and copying the files over? I'm thinking I'll need to refind the sequences and mp3 files when I do???
  2. Im editing one of my exsisting sequences and was wondering if any one has a suggestion... in the attached pic i am trying to change the light gray(40% on) to 20% intensity. My issue is this goes throughout most of the song and im looking for a possible way to change the cells in an easier way than clicking each one. origanally when i made the sequence they were all off and i used the background function and of course saved, but looking at it at night i think it would look nicer at a lower intensity...
  3. That's simply amazing!!!!, my son and I smiled and laughed the whole way through, but you have a tough critic.... My son asked how come the two elves in the front don't sing..hahahaha. I think I'm going outside to unplug my lights now and leave this to you pros!
  4. Absolutely love your show! very well done lots for the imagination, but not over done...
  5. Haha was just gonna type the same suggestion..just a little electrical tape around the bottom will likely prevent the death of dozens of boards a year..play safe everyone and keep it wrapped up!..hahaha ok that came out a little wrong :lol: :lol:
  6. Love the images from your pixels..can you give me a quick run down on your setup for that?
  7. MP3Gain is really quick and easy if your just adjusting levels..audacity is great for shortening the songs or some more advanced editing
  8. Thanks for responding evan. Not sure what happened after endless restarts it has corrected it self..
  9. OMG your beiber song is hilaraious! oustanding lights!! What controls all your pixels.Ill assume you dont use the traditional contollers??
  10. Nice job! what style are the arches? sleeved or wrapped around one piece?
  11. i think this hits the nail on the head...everyones different..i like a more understated look. ive used not more than two strings per bush of rice lights(150-200) it gives a really nice look after a bit of snow. of course i also love that wow factor some of your displays have. But in the end i do this for my little guy and me. He loves TSO and the lights make him smile thats the real pleasure for me, but of course next year im going for a Bigger smile!
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