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  1. sorry typo - mail id is rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com thanks for sending.
  2. Thanks for sharing your work. I would like a copy. Send to rjmcmaster@triad.rr.com Thanks again
  3. send me your email address to rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com about 48 channels
  4. Tony - could you send your sequence to me as well? rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com Already starting on some new ideas for next year. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the information, Hank. I might try that next year. I am done for this year.
  6. Hey Matt - I uploaded the lyrics to the Joy to the World song I posted earlier. I am sure that will come in handy with doing the faces. I am working on the rest of the sequencing now (for 48 channels).
  7. I have not done the light sequencing yet. The singing faces was purchased so I should not share that part.
  8. Did you ever get a sequence for this? I also have the singing tree sequence and was looking for some help on the lights sequencing.
  9. I agree. I used 16 last year and followed the advice to group lights together. I think in some cases, I had as many as 3 props on one channel. Most viewers didn't even notice that and I know our family was pleased with results. Also, made sequencing easier to learn that first year.
  10. Matt, I am using your Amazing Grace sequence and adding it to my light sequence. Great job - even if it was a short song. I am expanding from 16 to 48 this year, not counting the singing trees, so working to expand my 2012 songs to the new layouts and then add the singing trees. I uploaded one song and my 2012 sequence to Chris Tomlin's Joy to the World. After I get it modified for 48 channels, I can upload the revised one - if you are interested. Thanks again for sharing. Randy
  11. I would like a copy, please. Randy rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com
  12. Jim, your snowman is great. I need to hide this post from my wife - she loves snowmen. I hope you have a 'how-to' coming out. I know that would be something several folks, like me, would be interested in. The mouth movements are outstanding. Thanks for sharing. Randy
  13. Joe, could I get a copy? rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com Thanks Randy
  14. I would like a copy too. rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com Thanks
  15. Simple little tips like that will make sequencing a lot easier. Thanks
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