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  1. Make sure your computer is not going to sleep. Had my show not come on a few times this season. I would shut down the scheduler and restart and everything would work as it should. I had some work done on my computer and unbeknown to me, the sleep was set on. I turned it to never and it is doing fine. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  2. Mine tripped last night during a rain. So I shut my whole show down. In the past I would try to point the plug ends (at the end of the strings) on my lights pointing downward. In The past, water or ice bridging across would trip my GFI. So, today I put a balloons on the ends to try to keep the water out. Hope this works.
  3. I just used voltage tester. I only have 1 string of 70 bulb led connected to the channels. I had this happen a few years ago and sent it back to LOR. They fixed it and I never knew what they did to fix it. All I know is that it cost me $150.00. Thanks
  4. Sorry for not responding sooner. Thanks for the advise. I'll have to think about what I will do next.
  5. I have a couple of channels (3 and 8} that have no power out put. Any ideas what can cause this to happen? Thanks
  6. Thanks dibblejr. I used the pixel Editor in S4 and feel it's limited in what I want to do. I use SuperStar the most and very happy with the results. I use the Sub sequence to import Superstar into my sequences. Thanks again.
  7. Yea, I agree. I have tried the pixel editor and for me it's too much of a learning curve. I really like using the Visualizer. I have played around with the S4 Pixel editor and really don't care for it. I guess it is what a person is used too. I am too old to try to learn something new and and my health is failing so this maybe my last year to do a show. Merry Christmas to all.
  8. I am mistaken about SuperStar. It will let have more than 50 pixels.
  9. I do have my pixie 8 set for 100 in the HU. When using SuperStar it only allows me 50 pixels per string when importing a visualization. For my 4 circles, I wanted to use 2 ports at 100 pixels each. And I can't get the visualizer to let me use 100 pixels per port when tiring to create a prop. Example: Circle 1...port 1...top of circle 1C...pixels 1-25, circle 1...port 1..bottom of circle...1C..pixels 26-50. Circle 2....port 1...top of circle 1C...pixels 51-75, circle 2...port 1..bottom of circle...1C..pixels 76-100 etc. Thanks
  10. Thanks everybody. I have it figured out. I just wish that I could have used a 100 pixels per port.
  11. I have the pixie 16 as unit 19 and the pixie 8 as unit 20. I did my visualizations as DMX. So I thought of it as pixie 16 as controller 19 and port 1 as universe 18 and port 2 as universe 19 etc. I guess I messed up and don't know how to straighten it out. I guess once I get the controllers talking, I'll have to make new props and do a resequencing with the right props.
  12. I am using 8 controllers (6 ea 16 ch. AC controllers and2 cmb controllers)on the regular network and 8 CCP controllers on AUX A. and a Pixcon 16 E1.31. I am trying to add the pixie 16 (controller Unit ID 19) and pixie 8 controller (Unit ID 20)to AUX B enhanced mod.
  13. These are new controllers. New 12 volt meanwell power supplies, and running 12 volts. All LED'S are WS2811 12 volt. After pushing the little white button, the lights worked and ran a test. Must be in my configuration, but I can't get it figured out.
  14. I built a few props earlier this year and tested a couple of pixels strings, they worked. So I then built my props, did my sequencing. Then had health problems and was out for a few months. Now I brought a prop in and connected it to the Pixie 8 and nothing. Tried the Pixie 16 and the same. One controller at a time I checked them with the Hardware Utility and it found the controller. Then I daisy chained to pixie 8 and pixie 16 and the HU found them both. Tried to test the pixels and nothing. I do have a solid red light on the controller. These controllers are in the Network as Aux. B set at 500 and enhanced. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. I am almost finish punching the pixel nodes into the pixel strips for a 16 leg 180 degree pixel tree and was wondering how I should store them off season. And do you leave the tree topper attached to the strips during storage. Thanks.
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