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  1. fyi...the sequence is attached to the first post on this chain.....
  2. having done the papagayo to LOR cut and paste thing for a couple of years now, the xlights way is much easier. For Hallelujah I ended up with 4 timing tracks. #1 was a generic timing track that I use to Fade-up and fade-down and do the Humming parts. #2 was main lyrics, #3 was background Lyrics, and I called #4 the beat-box track. Switching the faces was simple as each face was pointed at the appropriate lyric track, example there is one place where my "girl" tree is singing backup then switches to singing lead on the primary lyric track. Simply telling the face which lyric track they are suppose to respond to made it work. I'v very please with xlights and I believe this is the tightest synchronization I've been able to achieve using either papagayo or xlights.
  3. search amazon for Pentatonix's new christmas album
  4. I've been experimenting with Xlights, mainly because of smart pixels but also because they have built in the papagayo solftware into the seqauencer. So I decided to try it out. here's a screen capture ...oh and I converted this sequence back into LOR. Tell me what you think guys and gals!!!! hallelujah.lms
  5. Turns out, it wasn't a firmware issue anyway. it was a stupid operator error. Having worked with DMX in the past, I was use to setting the starting channel for a controller, So when I wanted to set the id for the 2 lor box....I set it to 17....starting channel number. I stared at that document on how to run your lor boxes in DMX mode for hours before I realized that setting the ID to 2 would start that controller at channel 17....duh.....
  6. I'm trying to run my lor boxes in DMX mode. Downloaded the LOR instructructions and they basically say to update the firmware to 4.20 or higher. I have a CTB16PCG2 - V4. I was able to update the firmware to CTB16PG3-v1_08. it will not let me use the update firmware to 4.40 or 4.20? Am I missing something here??
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