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  1. Hey James, can I get that too. amtrak115@gmail.com
  2. for some reason when I go to paste into LOR, everything pastes in one channel. Any clues
  3. I would like a copy of this sequence also...(amtrak115@gmail.com) thanks Barry
  4. I'd like this one too! amtrak115@gmail.com
  5. I would like a copy of that sequence also, please send to amtrak115@gmail.com thanks Barry
  6. Earle, if your in the sharing mode, I too would like a copy of you 32 channel spiral sequences. (amtrak115@gmail.com) thanks Barry
  7. Mike, since I'm in Gainesville, I'll mark down a visit to your place in October. good meeting you.. later Barry LeBoeuf
  8. James, I like to check this out also. please forward to amtrak115@gmail.com thanks Barry
  9. not only was it windy, but I only had a little bit of ice left over so I was using what I had. I put two big bags of ice and the fog stayed low, and the ice lasted about 3/4 hours. (Of course it was a little cool that night)
  10. I built one last year. basically it was a vortex fox chiller built to look like a tombstone. box is basically 2" foam from Lowes, with grate inside to hold the ice up. A pvc pipe feeds the fog in from the rear, The fog comes out 4 slots i cut in the base of the "ice box". It work really well last year. I have an album with some photos... https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109768302093346378779/albums/5794524674278456193/5801879954012891922 I also shot some daylight video the day after Halloween before I picked up the tombstones. https://vimeo.com/52348536 it's based on one built b
  11. I've used the 27 Channel DMX controller last year. Built two rgb arches and used two 27 channel controllers to manage those. The Pixels look like they might be the "smart" pixels, as opposed to "dumb" rgb strings. A good web site to check out would be www.holidaycoro.com. there are a number of videos and tutorials there that will guide your along the way. FYI, last years christmas display. 32 LOR Channels, 54 RGB DMX channels all controlled by LOR. later Barry
  12. I'm a semi-newbie...a Sophomore ....with respect to LOR and animated lighting for christmas. This past year was my first year using LOR. My wife had visions of Chevy Chase's Christmas house, however I didn't go that far. I built a "Northpole" with a DMX globe on top, Two DMX arches and then through strings of lights across the bushes (both Net and straight strings). I also had Ican icicle lights and a couple of holidaycoro xmas trees. All in all I was running about 20 lor channels on two controllers and approximated 66 RGB channels across DMX. The light show was a success and my wife was
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