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  1. The first part of the sentence should have read, I had thought of using normally open contact with an energized relay.
  2. Thanks D, I had thought of doing the normally closed relays but was thinking I needed to keep the relay energized but until I read your reply I didn't think of using the normally closed contacts, doh!
  3. If your HU will not recognize the controller than it has other issues besides bad circuits. Does the little green led light? It may have gotten into the power supply. I would send it in.
  4. I don't have false triggers right when the buttons/relays are triggered. I had false triggers about three minutes after a button is pushed. Three minutes into show 1, show 2 started to play. I have two relays that share a common and the supply to the relays via the buttons are separate from the controller. I think the relays have the diode built in but I'm not sure, I will definitely check. I have some spare relays to retrieve p/n and check the data sheet. I only had two false triggers one night so I may wait until the end of the season to check that I observed the correct polarity, that
  5. Hello, been using input triggers for a few years on gen3 controller and it works correctly most of the time. Occasionally I get a false trigger. The first year of testing using a trigger I got a lot of false triggers but putting a capacitor between the input pin and ground virtually eliminated false triggers except on very rare occasion. I currently use two buttons and two relays to two inputs in the controller to eliminate long wire runs inducing stray interference to the inputs but have noticed a false trigger at least once.. I don't use the LOR header but was wondering if using one may so
  6. Help desk just emailed me today and said they have identified the problem and will be fixed in the 5.3.12 release.
  7. 5.2.4 was the only fix for me. The problem was consistent with 5.3.10 on two machines and two OS's . The problem was fixed on both machines once I reinstalled 5.2.4. I opened a help desk ticket but the last I heard it was being deferred to engineering. Since one of the post above states that their 5.3.10 works fine I still don't know what exactly is going on. I even created a new test musical in 5.3.10 and still had the problem. Good luck and yes, please let me know.
  8. Okay, good to know. Not sure where the problem truly is on my end but two different pc's with 5.3.10 running on two different operating systems the lights would not work correctly with wave form. When I put 5.2.4 on the two subject machines they both work correctly. So that's my fix for this year but apparently it's not THE fix for all. Thanks for your input
  9. I have rolled back to version 5.2.4 and lights work correctly.
  10. So your lights work correctly and your using version 5.3.10 as your profile states?
  11. I have tried this on a different PC with Windows 7 and it acts exactly the same way. I have attached a couple of screen shots of the motion effect generator settings I have issues with.
  12. Yes, I believe I have created the play file but I admit I'm a little confused by the play file. Last year, with the latest S5 version it seemed I had to create the play file manually but this year with the latest version it creates, from what I understand, a hidden play file automatically. So now I have loredit files that I select from the Show Editor. I still see my play files from last year in the same folder as the loredit files. I have played them all the way through several times, this is how I discovered the problem only exist where I have the music waveform dictate a motion effect
  13. Status of this problem: Had trouble installing older version of S5 so reinstalled 5.3.10 and I connected a few pixels indoors to controller, created a show (musical) without any triggers to see if that was the problem but it was not. Wondering if I should open a trouble ticket but was hoping someone could verify they have the same issue or if I am doing something wrong. In my original post I stated it was working in an earlier test but I believe that not to be true. I believe I was testing from the sequencer without the schedule enabled, which in this scenario the lights work correctly
  14. I am running 5.3.10 and will update my profile. Last night I rolled it back to 5.3.6 but have not tried it yet it was getting late. Today I have a wedding, who gets married in November,?, so Sunday I will see what happens with 5.3.6. Thanks
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