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  1. @Bird, Yes, cycles through Red, Blue Green, all pixels working!
  2. It must be that time of year. I have cables running everywhere, my wife's eyebrows are permanently raised and I've renewed my friendship with my electrician. I have 12 CCRs. 11 are good, but one is driving me crazy. When you plug power in, the LEDs come on white, however the lights do not come on during a sequence or hardware utility test. So.. The LEDs work when you plug them into a different controller. I've tried swapping power supplies. I've upgraded firmware to 1.17 - which means that the controller is talking and firmware works and ID is correct. I've c
  3. Hi All. Anyone else using My T Brite 5mm LEDs? I have three power cords that have direct shorts on them. While the fuse blows on the LOR controller, the channel gets frozen to on when it bloes. My suggestion is to use one of those orange safety powerboards with a 5 am breaker on to test every power cord and string before you plug them into your LOR controller.
  4. This is ridiculous. . I've worked out how to get the sequence in with the channels, but I can't see the timing. That means that I have to do the timing in superstar and then again in sequencer. I can't even see the colours. So how do I coordinate my RGB devices?
  5. Hey all. I now have my 12CCR sequence complete and want to import t to the regular sequence. I have watched the video and you can either import it as sequence, or you can cut and past. Either way it looks as though you have to set up all the channles. Is there no way to import the superstar sequence with the channels in one go?
  6. OK, so I have now received my two RED 485 converters and the good news is that the 12 CCRs are humming beautifully. The problem I have now is that my fan comes down from the balcony. So the connection to the controller is at the top of the fan (where they are closer together) . It would appear that SUPERSTAR assumes that your controllers are at the bottom of the CCRs. i.e. everything I have written is upside down. Please tell me there is an easy way to reverse it.
  7. Thanks again. I just wanted to make as sure as possible that I was chasing the correct bug. Sorry "Troppo" is short for "Tropical". Someone who has "gone troppo" is showing signs of strange and peculiar behaviour due to being in the tropics for too long.
  8. OK, thanks heaps for that. I have ordered a couple of high speed converters. The question remains though; Is it normal for 12CCRs to go troppo when connected to single "slow' (black) converter?
  9. Thanks for that. But how do you create the networks? Do you just plug 2 converters into the PC? How do you tell sequence editor which channels are on which network? Where are the instructions? As well, are you saying that it is normal that 12 CCRs will not work on a "slow" rs485 (non-red) converter?
  10. Hi All, I'm a seasoned LOR campaigner with 200+ channels of triac control, lots of RGB and up until last year I only had 4 CCRs. Shows have always worked perfectly. I ordered another 8 CCRs this year and plugged all 12 in and that's where it started to go horribly wrong. I'm using Superstar and I'm getting completely random results. Studying the forum I have checked that they are not in legacy mode. So, apparently; 1) I have to use multiple networks 2) I have to have a 500k converter (whatever that is and wherever you get it) 3) You have to have multiple usb ports, not a hub 4) Blah, bla
  11. Hi There, I hope someone can help. Last year I bought an S3 licence and also a Superstar licence. I have just upgraded my S3 licence, but it says that the Superstar licence is only demo. I put the superstar licence number into the upgrade box in S3 and it told me it was invalid. Two questions; How do you actually upgrade S3 with your Superstar licence? And Is there any kind of manual/presentation/notes/examples for Superstart other than the help files? Thank's in advance for any help. Joe
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