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  1. I decided to stick with my 1200 pixel matrix but changed the spacing from 1.9" to 1.5". It looks great in my opinion. I purchased 40 snowfall ws2811 tubes and plan a project with them (not sure exactly just yet). I also purchased my first wire frames from Doug at wire frame dlites. One is Jesus carrying the cross and one is of him standing. I plan to use pixels for the wire frames. I will also have 78 sets of 100 count 5mm strobes this year. I bought 16 sets last year and really like the look they give and decided to go all out on them. I plan to place them all over my roof. I still plan on us
  2. Thanks Earle. I appreciate it. The effects look great!
  3. Hello Earle. Do you happen to have any photos of your starbursts that you can share? Thanks
  4. Does anyone use Ws2811 snowfall tubes in your display? I just ordered 40 of them (20 of the.5 meter and 20 of the 1 meter tubes)from a presale. Most people use these in trees but i am thinking of either making a chandelier out of them or some type of starburst. I'm just curious what others have done with them. Please share. Thanks, Eric
  5. Who on here remembers their first animated light show they did? Do you remember the excitement the first time you tested your show out? I remember my first show well. I had decorated with static lights for several years but nothing major. In October I learned about Light O Rama from watching a few videos. I bought a 16 channel controller, designed my layout and purchased a few sequences from the LOR store and had my first light show. I started late in the season that year and did not have much time for sequencing. I remember the first time I ever tested the show out and I was amazed and s
  6. Can I get a copy James? please send to ebrown1972@nwcable.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thanks
  7. I saw these last night (https://lightasticsupply.wixsite.com/website/product-page/5mm-led-strobe-sets) and ordered a few sets. They are supposed to be 100 count at 6" spacing. They are supposed to arrive to the vendor in March and then ship out. I know nothing about this vendor but thought i'd pass it along since the price is very good.
  8. I did not. I never got around to getting them sequenced. That is on the agenda this year for sure!!!
  9. I have never had issues at 50% power with 300 pixels per port. 3 years running and no issues and I will continue to run my matrix this way.
  10. That's how I've had it set up for the last 3 years with no injection and no issues
  11. There are a few things I can do to make it work but the easiest thing would be for me to wait when the new release comes out which I was told will be this month. I am in no hurry since the matrix will be for this coming Christmas. The matrix will go from 1.9" spacing to 1.5" and adds 848 more pixels. I am just curious to see how it will look.
  12. I just received word that the pixels per string will be updated to 9999 in the next release. Sweet
  13. Okay folks. I have been in this game a while but for the life of me my mind is drawing a blank. I am building a 32 x 64 pixel matrix. I currently have a 24 x 50 matrix. I plan to use 8 ports on one of my falcons for the matrix. The pixel strings I have are 100 pixels each. I can safely run 300 pixels per port without power injection at 50%. The matrix will have a total of 2048 pixels. 2048 pixels devided by 8 equals 256 pixels yet I plan to have 300 pixels per port since I do not want to be cutting up my strings. How would I configure this in S5 to work? I was going to configure the matrix to
  14. I completely understand. By the way, love your display.
  15. Thanks for the input. I do have a place I can put them out of the weather that will still allow the audience a good look at them. I will move them next year and hopefully that will help some too. I may drill a hole too
  16. The biggest things I will be adding is 2 of the boscoyo 96" flakes. I already purchased them and will be putting them together soon. I am also upgrading my matrix from 1200 nodes to 2048 nodes to make it a 32x64 matrix. I am hoping to get my 2 dmx 230w moving heads programmed this year as I didn't mess with them this past year. As always I look forward to doing new things for the show. What does everyone else plan to do?
  17. JR that would be awesome. Thank you very much. Eric
  18. I took my dislay down yesterday like I always do on the 26th. After getting everything packed back in my basement, I tested the 100 Xenon strobes I had in my display to see how many failures I had. I had 12 that no longer worked. Each of the 12 appeared to have water in them. I purchased them from 2 different vendors and allegedly the Xenon were supposed to be made better than in the past specifically with water intrusion. Well, at a 12% failure rate I am not so sure I will continue to use them. All of my 5mm strobe strings still work great with 0 failures. More than likely, I will stick with
  19. I believe that would hold true to where I live also. I have considered doing some simple floods for landscape lighting
  20. I guess I could have looked just a little further down the forum page and I would have seen what other displays some are doing.
  21. I am curious as to who does more than just a Christmas light show. Please, tell me what type of show(s) you do each year and if you have multiple shows what is your favorite besides Christmas. Thanks everyone
  22. For 5 years now I have outlined my house and roof line with 12mm pixel nodes. I am considering next year going with C9 pixels. For those of you who use C9 pixels to outline your house or roof line, how do you like them? Does there appear to be a big difference in the way they look compared to 12mm pixel nodes? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
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