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  1. Wired watts is an excellent source to purchase from. Feel confident purchasing from them.
  2. I plan on starting mine Saturday (11/21/20). I have always started the show on Thanksgiving night but due to the Covid blues I plan on firing things up early. If people come great. If not then I have given myself a few more days to fix any issues that I may have with the display.
  3. My padlocks are zipties. I have never locked one of my controller boxes and only use zipties to secure the lid. I'm not sure what a lock is going to prevent. The only reason I even ziptie my lids is due to fear that the wind could blow open the lid and allow water to get inside. I don't think a would be thief is going to mess with the inside of a controller or someone out to cause damage. In my mind people like that will just try to detroy or steal the whole thing.
  4. I have everything up and ready to go but the wind is brutal today in central Illinois. I hope everything stays together and nothing gets damaged. It seems every lighting season we get 2 or 3 really bad wind storms and today is no exception.
  5. I always pretest my lights but every year I usually find 1 or 2 dead pixels. It's like the pixels are playing jokes on us lol
  6. I see the same problem. Probably will wait to update my sequences until a fix. This is somewhat annoying. Thanks for checking into it Matt.
  7. I agree. Not all of mine break but the ones that are in direct sunlight almost always break when I remove something. I have several of the pvc clips but have yet to use them.
  8. Remember you can also select the type of strobe you want under bulb properties and select the size and transparency of them.
  9. Today (10-10-20) I started and got my house outlined for my Christmas show. Towards the end of October I will get the rest put up. Each year it gets harder and harder to motivate myself to want to get the display put up.
  10. How many lights per string make up a string of lights? Thanks
  11. DIYledexpress used to sell pigtails that matched lor's. I'm not sure if they still do but it be worth sending them an email and asking.
  12. I have used these for 4 years now with no issues at all. They hold up to very high winds too.
  13. I do not have any of the U tube style ones so I cannot comment on the brightness of them. The ones I have do appear to be very bright. If you want super bright ones go with these https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/684069-REG/American_DJ_MEGA_FLASH_DMX_Mega_Flash_DMX_800W.html lol. I a will actually be using 2 of these this year in my show along with several 5mm strobes.
  14. I have these https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/c9-strobe-lights in Xenon and these https://www.ajsoutletstore.com/shop-7 So far both seem okay
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