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  1. Am I missing something reading through this post where: Brian mentions Superstar, Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor in one for S5. On the homepage for LOR: " This just in. ShowTime 5 sequencing suite is now in full beta testing. Sequence Editor, Pixel Editor and Visualizer are all combined into one tool. Want to check it out? Check our user forums for more information." No mention of Superstar being part of this. Did something change?
  2. Here's a video question- this year I am using 4 videos incorporated into different sequences. Between each video is just a regular sequence. I figured out that I needed to uncheck "use internal media" to get the video to actually play on the projector but now when the sequence with the projection starts I get the white screen for a second followed by the video catching up. In the show editor I have the "turn lights off" box checked as well as a 1 sec delay between sequences but my yard signs and projector power run "background" the whole show so it's nothing with it being turned on. Any idea w
  3. Hi Matt- Maybe this is already an option and I just can't seem to figure it out- but lets say I wanted to make a candy cane arch with 10 candy canes and 10 smart pixels per cane- so a string of 100 pixels all together. The way I plan to string the pixels through is from bottom left up through the curve of the first cane then thru the curve and down the cane on the second, so on and so forth so the end of the pixel string ends at the bottom of the 10th cane. Do I need to draw 10 individual candy canes in pixel editor with 10 pixels each and basically move them around to "draw" out the arc
  4. Thanks for the update Matt- upon further checking of the three CMB boards I have available, the one I was testing with didn't take the 1.05 firmware update the first time so I was just going round in circles. Once updated everything works great! Thanks!!!
  5. Not sure I understand your post George..... but at the end of the day all I was simply wondering other than any advice on why it may not be working is if you can use the pixel editor to sequence dumb devices? Mostly I would use the colorwash effect but I simply like having the option of both smart and dumb props in the same editor window when working on a sequence. Up until this year I like most just sequenced them directly in SE but since purchased PE and figured I would try it. It appears it can't be done or just that I have something configured the wrong way. Nothing more than meets the
  6. Pro. and I just downloaded the Beta 4.2.0 last night after I couldn't figure it out The ribbons outline the verticals and horizontals of the house and the floods are just in various spots to wash the whole house- but yes I do believe without having the computer in front of me I picked dumb.
  7. Hi All- I have three CMB-24d boards that I am using for various dumb strip and flood devices. They are configured in Pixel editor to be addressed at LOR ID 9,10,11. When testing the flood in hardware utility it works fine- but when trying to control in the pixel editor or run a sequence I get no output from them. The network indicator is solid so it appears to be working properly. Any thoughts or can "dumb" devices not be used with pixel editor? Thanks.
  8. HI- I am a avid Mac user for everything I do!!!! With this hobby and LOR being primarily PC I tried my luck with a mac mini running Parallels for the past three years and had great success (fairly large display) and never once had an issue.(CCR's, CCP's, Floods, Dumb Strips, 9 CTB boxes etc) I can't speak for someone using a Mac laptop but everything worked so well for me. Unfortunately I purchased a PC this off season as well as tons of pixels and things and have moved away from the Mac for no reason other than having a dedicated computer for the display as well as the wife having a compute
  9. Jim- You Rock!!! Thank you so much for the reminder- I remember seeing it somewhere before but for the life of me I couldn't remember that. I love these forums and people like you. Thanks again!!!
  10. Hi Jim- Yes control panel is running and Aux C is assigned to Com 4 and is also running at 500k speed & Enhcanced....
  11. Hi All- Is anyone using CCP/CCB with the pixel editor and having any luck?- here is my issue: I have defined 8 arches in PE using "Channel" LOR "Network" Aux C "Unit" 22 "Start Circuit" 1 "End Circuit" 150 (Individual Start Channels & Separate Unit # for each RGB string are unchecked) for the 8 arches 22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29 respectively. Hardware Utility has the control boxes set as "Dual Normal" & Dmx Mode as "RGB channels only" so each string 22-29 is only 150 channels. I open a sequence in PE and can apply an effect that I visually see on the screen but for some reason I can
  12. Not sure who you are referring to- I have a degree in theatre specializing in lighting design, worked professionally for years on Broadway tours and now teach at the college level lighting and sound design. Hence my post on top hats, barn doors etc etc.. the list of accessories goes on an on. Yes lots more money in the professional world but this as a hobby is still pretty expensive. And Barn Doors being better- I guess matter of preference and in what application they are being used..
  13. Top Hat, Half Hat etc. etc. the list goes on and on- but get yourself some blackwrap and blacktak from any theatrical vendor and "make your own"- I did that last year and it worked great and held up in the freezing cold and all the snow we had!
  14. + 1 for Unicast. The few extra minutes for setup in my opinion is worth it.
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