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  1. Really? That just seems odd, does the microcontroller chip run on 5v or 3.3v? Because as I mentioned, the controller powers up and the LED blinks, it's just not communicating. And I'm fairly sure the VR4 regulator is toast. I didn't witness any magic smoke escaping since I wasn't around when the ants got in but some black goo has oozed out of the bottom of it and the trace between it and D2 is melted. Maybe the black goo is burnt ant? Also, VR1 and VR2 have the heat sinks and are right beside the transformer and bridge rectifier so I would think one of those is the 7805. VR4 and D2 are
  2. CTB16PCG3 V5 I have several of them, and I examined my un-damaged ones and the part numbers on the V4 regulator on ALL of them are too faint to be read, even with a microscope. The Mfr did a very poor job of etching the numbers on.
  3. Some ants got into one of my controller boxes, and amongst other things, fried VR4 (voltage regulator) and D2 (diode) near the Data/IO/RJ45 connectors. The controller powers up but does not communicate so I'm guessing this regulates voltage for the RS485 input/output. The original lettering on the parts is now unreadable. Can someone tell me what these part numbers are?
  4. So I just updated to S5 and discovered I cannot run the Sequence Editor over Remote Desktop, it gives an error that it needs a minimum version of 1.5 of OpenGL, and my system only has v1.1. The machine in question has Windows 7 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX650 card with the latest drivers and an OpenGL version of 4.6. My google research so far seems to indicate that it is Remote Desktop that is limited to v1.1, and so far, I'm not finding any workarounds for RDP. Yeah, I could use VNC instead, but the screen refresh rate in VNC is horrible compared to RDP. In RDP I can play a H.264 1080P v
  5. Is there any change to this status (IE: for S4 and S5 to coexist on the same machine)? I am tech-savvy enough to install one or the other in a virtual machine, but is there an easier way? I have a bunch of cool utilities I wrote to manipulate S4 xml files and there will be significant work involved to get them to work with the (much different) S5 files. Which I will eventually do, but for now...
  6. I had an idea for a security feature that could be exclusive to Light-O-Rama thanks to your more sophisticated communications protocol. Have 'Control Panel' "ping" all the known controllers every few seconds, and raise an alarm if one of them fails to respond, due to failure, [accidental] disconnect, blown fuse or ground fault, or even being stolen. The alarm function could be turned on and off from Control Panel when you are working on the hardware, and when on, if one of the controllers on it's list doesn't respond in a timely manner, it could play a sound file (configurable), pop up a
  7. UPDATE: So I found in the manual where it says: "If all else fails... power the unit on and off after you click the download button" and that got it to upload. And yes, version 1.15 did fix the enhanced mode problem!
  8. So I've made a lot of changes to my show this year, added, rearranged, reconfigured... Started setting things up and some controllers/channels weren't working. After some troubleshooting I found a workaround and got it all working. It seems that my pair of LOR1602Wg3's with firmware 1.12 will not work in enhanced mode. They are less than 3 years old (bought at 2016 spring sale) My CTB24D and my pair of CTB16PCg3's DO work in enhanced mode, and they are all on the same network. So I noticed there have been a couple of firmware updates for this controller. I could not find a published
  9. Since most of my display is now LED, and since I have upgraded most of my controllers to G3, I was gonna implement LED dimming curves this year. I understand how to create my own, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. But I cannot find a pre-made LED dimming curve anywhere. Not installed with the software, and forum and google searches are turning up nada, nil, zip. Where do I find pre-made dimming curves?
  10. In between bouts of rain I did some more extensive troubleshooting today. Turns out my LOR1602Wg3's are not working with enhanced mode. Hmmm-- Why? Moving this to a new thread...
  11. One controller is an old LOR1602W "Model 3" (blue board). It is the only controller on the primary network using an old black RS-485 adapter. The AuxA network is set for enhanced mode and uses a red high-speed RS-485 adapter and has 5 controllers consisting of: 1 CTB24D, Gen 3, 2½ yrs old. 2 LOR1602Wg3's Gen 3, 2½ yrs old. 2 CTB16PCg3's, Gen 3, 7 mo.s old, bought at this year's spring sale. Network goes from 'puter thru 5' cable to the CTB24 (LOR ID 6), then thru a 40' cable to a CTB16 (ID 4), then thru a 75' cable to a 1602 (ID 3), then thru a 10
  12. Out of the frying pan, into the fire... I noticed right away (Before I ever posted) as I unpacked everything from last year that the contacts on the cables were corroded. I cut all of them off and put new ones on, and tested them all with a very expensive Time-Delay-Multiplexer cable tester. It checks ALL the electrical characteristics of the cable. There is no such thing as a perfect cable, and this tester tells you if everything is within specifications for cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat7... And I swapped cables around and tried several different ones anyway despite testing good. Turns out
  13. I don't have singing faces, a mega tree, or arches. I do though have lots of pixel strips, and a whole forest of trees in multiple colors on 48 regular channels. I do have a Blue Christmas sequence I have spent a lot of time on, and it includes a bunch of dummy channels representing different parts of the song, as well as a polyphonic transcription and spectrum breakdown. lor@wizlights.com
  14. That song has been on my to-do list for 2 years. May I have a copy of your sequence please? lor@wizlights.com
  15. Not only have I added a lot to my show this year, but the old stuff has gotten moved around to integrate the new stuff. With so many changes it's hard troubleshoot stuff that worked last year... I added 2 new controllers this year, but they are not talking. The network (RS-485) cables are somewhat long and I'm thinking I may need a network terminator at the end of the line. But I didn't need one last year with 3 controllers 200' from end to end. Computer connects with a red HS enhanced adapter with a 5' cable to a CTB24Dg3 (#1). CTB24D connects with a 75' cable "A" to new C
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