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    I'm a carpenter by trade, but love to tinker with anything electronic! I'm a computer nerd, Android geek, and I have a couple R/C cars that I like to play with when not doing any of those. Married for almost 10 years, and our first little will be here in April!!
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  1. I would agree with you 100%, but I'll only give you 80% this time because strange people like myself don't have any LOR hardware and don't own a USB485 adapter. Hence the reason I had to find a workaround at the last minute last year, and the sticky at the top of the E1.31 board........
  2. Turn off any wifi adapters on your computer and connect the E682 directly to your computer. Assuming your sending E1.31 from LOR in multicast, it will do some very strange things over your network. If I forget to disable my wifi before firing up the LOR Control Panel, it will bring my entire network to its knees in about 3 seconds. Sorry for the double post, but make sure to remove your computer from the rest of your home network as well. Should have mentioned that, if it wasn't obvious.......
  3. Sorry, I can't edit the original post with this link. I forgot that I posted the link for my 50 pixel prop, then I cleaned out the public folder in my Dropbox account. After a few requests for the prop from people that have read this thread, I've re-uploaded the prop. Here's a good link for the same, simple 50 pixel prop: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32004946/50pixel%20string.lpf Same as before, right click and select "save as". Good luck!
  4. You also don't have to draw all 162 bulbs. Just draw 9 and create a prop from that. Then import that prop 17 more times and run the channel wizard to map them in seconds. I could build that matrix in the Visualizer in about 10 minutes.
  5. And for the record, I think it's kind of irresponsible of Gemmy to share videos like these with no description and lead people to believe that they can go buy a bunch of these strips, slap them up on their house and instantly have a synchronized light show. I see that they disabled comments on them as well. You know, just in case someone actually wanted to try and figure out how to do what they did in the video......
  6. To each their own, but you mention "Dumb" strips and "smart" pixels at the same time and the FlexTech strips are neither. Don't get me wrong, they are capable of creating some pretty cool effects, but they are not RGB. And back to my original comment, they are a HUGE waste of resources on an E682.
  7. Some code has been written by (I don't remember who) for the 9816 chip in the FlexTech strips to be controlled by the E682. While it's cool, and definitely a step forward for these readily available strips, I personally will continue to stay as far away from them as possible!
  8. Why FlexTech strips, out of curiosity? Unless you got a hell of a deal on them, they are a huge waste of the E682's resources! From my understanding of how they'd connect to the E682, they would utilized one channel per string for a max of 16 channels as opposed to the 1020 that the E682 is capable of. To each their own, but I wouldn't spend the money on an E682 to control these strips. You could get something like this: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5m-WS2811-LED-digital-strip-60leds-m-with-30pcs-WS2811-built-in-the-5050-smd-rgb/701799_653641294.html and get a lot more bang for
  9. That definitely seems strange. There is no reason, that I can think of, that they would work when running a show but not through the SE when the LOR network does. Please update this with results after you try a reinstall. I'm sure there would be a few people, myself included, that would be curious of the outcome.
  10. I have mine disconnected as well. About 2 weeks ago, I was waiting for the show to come on as scheduled with no luck. Went to the computer and found that it had STILL installed an update and rebooted itself. Apparently it had already downloaded the update, prior to me turning wifi off, just decided to wait until the perfectly inopportune time to install it.....
  11. If the 21st is the last day of the Mayan calendar, I'm pretty sure the Zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow.....
  12. We were all kids at one point doing stupid things. Good points: No substantial damage, no injuries, and he got caught. With any luck, it makes him think twice about it next time. I would be pissed if someone did it to me, but after calming down I doubt I would press charges. Actually, after I calmed down, I would probably laugh and call it karma......
  13. Glad you got it working! The IP configuration seems to be a common misunderstanding with the way that LOR asks for network configuration. I believe there are a couple controllers available that allow unicast configuration, but the E68x does not.
  14. Very cool! Thank you Brian. I have one suggestion, if I may? One of the nicest things about SuperStar as it is now, is how well you maintained everything on one screen. With the increase of channel capacity, would it be possible to implement a setting to allow the use of multiple monitors? I currently use 2 monitors anyway, which works wonders for sequencing 2 separate parts of the display at once, so something that would extend one instance of SuperStar across multiple monitors would be awesome! On a side note, I finished a sequence last week that is 98% instant sequenced. I'm hoping t
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