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  1. First of all, sorry, not sure which forum this should go in. Anyway here is my problem. Last year I set up a 16 strip flat tree using a 682 controller and the ws 2811 rgb strips, along with 2 LOR standard controllers. I then purchased several sequences, imported in their config file, and they all worked great, all the colors were correct. I bought 1 new sequence this year from the same seller, and the colors are all off. For example, the earth is green instead of blue.Everything is set up exactly as it was last year. Contacted the seller of the sequence, but even he is stumped ( and they
  2. Hi Matt I have a couple of questions regarding the movie effect. I am running a 16 strip (2811) with a 682 controller. I have successfully created the sequence with the avi file, but the movie covers the entire tree. I would like to have it kind of centered in a "box" if that is possible? Also, what would you recommend for the video size to be? I am running 4.1.2 pro Thanks for any help you can provide....this pixel editor is an awesome tool! Tim
  3. Danbo, I bought the exact same kit as you....it's a 5 universe setup. Took me awhile to get my tired old brain around that, but you'll find Kevin at CLD is awesome as far as support goes. I am running unicast and everything works great. If you need, I can take some pics of the configuration and email to you. Lemme know.
  4. Thanks for the replies all. The tree is up, and I went every 3 cut marks. So far, they are staying in place.....
  5. Thanks! These strips have a silicone sleeve, but I was pretty careful about how tight I made the ties. I wonder, has anyone ever tried clear gorilla packaging tape? Just a dumb thought. They seem pretty secure now, but the thought of placing a tie at every single cut mark made my back ache !
  6. Hi All, I'm building my first 2D tree this year, 20 ft tall, 16 strings with 16.5 ft ws2811 strips. I used 1/2 inch emt conduit for the strings support. I need opinions on how far apart I can get away with spacing the cable ties to hold the strips on. I currently have them spaced about 1 foot apart on the cut lines. Do I really need to place 1 cable tie at every cut mark? Thanks!!!
  7. Wasn't it also at one time the point where your income taxes would be paid for the year? Thought I heard that once. I also heard the government now wants to move that point to the day before New Years!-lol
  8. Ahh, Celtic Woman, have seen them twice in concert. The violinist, well let's just say she's even better looking in person, anyway, I've always like their song Christmas Pipes..wonderful song!
  9. Ummmm, how do you know for sure when they are done??? Sorry, just had to-lol This year they are just going to hang...next year I'll straighten em out, maybe i'll put her iron on low, spray a little starch on em, and try that
  10. I can't get a visual in my head of how your roofline is..perhaps a picture would give us some ideas....living in Indiana, flat roofs are rather rare here-lol However, I'm thinking maybe using some plastic gutter clips, and some hi-strength clear epoxy adhesive? Just a thought
  11. I had the same problem..I loosened the shutters, put a roof/ gutter clip behind the shutters at each corner, then tightened them back up..holding so far....
  12. Lol, ok, see if you can send a mental icicle straightening brain wave to my location...cause I hate ladders! (Might turn into a great second income if you can do it-lol)
  13. I told my better half about using her blow dryer on them, she just shook her head.. yes... the same one that gets up an hour and a half early so her hair will look good for work-lol Thanks for all the replies..right now I'm leaning towards getting the blow dryer out, forget about the lights, and just have a drink! It's the intentions that count, correct?
  14. Thanks guys, I think I'll try the heat method first-lol I don't drink a lot of beer, southern comfort is my preference, so if I try the second method, well, lets just say the cop across the street might pay a visit.
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