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  1. Finally got around to a video of the finished landscape lights, excuse the colors on the video. I also have 1 rgb that has as issue and needs to be replaced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKV3csUUZ58
  2. It's my understanding this w/o being too difficult, I would say yes, but cant answer on the subject of pixie since I dont have any.
  3. The jumper that is being mentioned, must be on newer AC controllers. I have the CTB-16D's. I could be wrong but I dont think they have a jumper like wahts being mentioned
  4. I am not trying to make it difficult. Just trying to understand before I screw something up. Forgive me for just wanting to be sure. Thanks for the answer.
  5. Thank you JR, I am trying figure out how to connect to a controller
  6. I am happy that you got your info, but the original issue for me has not been answered, thanks again
  7. Thanks, but I am not dealing with a pixie 16, I am just trying to figure out how to use my new director in my network. With all due respect, someone else brought the pixie 16 into the equation
  8. Lets get back to the original post please. I am trying to figure out the basic for power hookup on this director. Thanks
  9. Documentation is lacking in certain areas. I think they all assume we are all wizards
  10. I went this route during the sale to do away with using a PC ssince I upgraded to the latest software my old laptop was XP. So rather than buy a cheap laptop or go thru the hassle of running cables out of the house
  11. good question, i did not think of that
  12. Ok, just rcvd the new N2 G4 director, i have been reading on the website and the so called manual to determine how to hook up power. First of all I am a detail type of person , so for me the the documentation could be better in this area 1. So to use the closest controller to power the director is a little bit more vague to me. Most people can probably go...oh , that's easy. So. to use this setup I would plug a cat5 cable(crossover) into the network 1 port and plug the other end into the controller cat5 port? Then daisy chain my network cables as normal? 2. Using a power adapter is straight forward
  13. I also had the coms error with paypal on my phone which did not help matters
  14. I would have been ok if the power had not gone out. And of course I dont have a back up UPS
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