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  1. Hmm. I’ll see if verifier finds anything. I’ve never actually used that I don’t think. I give the show a test run tonight and see if there’s any lag or issues.
  2. Thank you, everyone! Jfuller8400 may have found the correct answer. I didn’t think to delete it, but I deleted the show file and selected to load the sequences as needed(instead of all at the beginning). I also chose to not use compressed sequences. This combination brought everything back! Thank you so much everyone! Is there any downside to loading the sequences as needed and not using compressed?
  3. The paths to the shows are in their own folder with the sequences for the respective show. (2020.lss show file is in the 2020 directory under the LOR folder.) (just the same as 2019 show and folder).
  4. Ok, so after getting home, I thought of the only thing I hadn’t tried and that was to run a schedule instead of show on demand. It was setup as last years show (a couple less AC controllers) and the CMB lights work. Now I’m really confused as the 2020 show schedule doesn’t work with the CMB, but 2019 show does. What changes between the sequence editor (which works for both shows) and show editor/scheduler (which only works for last years show)?
  5. I am using the regular LOR network at the 56 speed. Dip switches 6 and 9 are turned on to assign channel nine to the cmb. The box is assigned correctly because I can play sequence and control lights through sequence editor just fine. All lights and controllers work flawlessly when in sequence editor when “control lights” is selected. I will have to check the Network Name as I don’t remember specifically what that was, but I would think it was correct if it plays fine through sequence editor? The cmb was on 1.02 firmware, but I upgraded it to 1.05 last night to see if the hel
  6. Yes. Thank you. Everything works correctly via both hardware utility and sequence editor, just not during an actual show run. I have also recompressed the show and tried running compressed and uncompressed sequences and still rgb doesn’t work during show.
  7. Hello all, I’m having an issue with my setup that was working fine last year. Running LOR 4.4.12 with 6 AC controllers and 1 CMB24D for 8 10w floods. I was using ELLs for some controllers, but switched to all wired to eliminate any possible wireless issues. I can play all show songs through sequence editor and it controls all lights and runs correctly, but when I run the sequences through the show (in the hub), only the ac controllers light up. The led on the CMB is solid for connectivity, but it doesn’t operate lights. Everything works correctly via hardware utility a
  8. Thank you for the advice. I was thinking about using the booster version to be able to test ELLs as well. I believe that one supports high speed should I need to go there.
  9. I’m looking for an LOR usb to 485 adapter. My main one is very difficult to access and I’d like to have a spare for testing when things go wrong or to have with a separate laptop. Anyone have one hanging around not being used you can part with?
  10. Thank you Rabeiler! I received the items I purchased in great condition.
  11. I’m interested in the controllers. How much shipping to 75077?
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