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  1. per smart and dumb i will eventually use both. i would eventually create a big show but need to get started first. that is the reason for my help purchasing request.
  2. so what kit do you recommend...
  3. ok guys, i am ready to make a purchase. i want a package but want to choose correctly. i want to be able to run rgb, will buy ribbons. what do you guys recommend? i will also upgrade the software to the advanced. i will grow it with lights and use it for all major holidays. what do you recommend? my budget is @1k , i already have hundreds of lights from previous holidays but have no ribbons. need to see if i can get setup for these holidays. thanks.
  4. send me a pm with cost and all that is included..
  5. i am finally going to get in the LOR scene. wanting to see if anyone is selling a complete used set?
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