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  1. James, Could I get the Reaper as well? Thanks in advance. tneihouse@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons with the singing face? Thank you in advance for sharing. tneihouse@gmail.com
  3. Do you have any videos of your setup?
  4. Could I get a copy of this please? tneihouse@gmail.com
  5. Could I get a singing face copy of FNAF for my Halloween show? Thanks in advance. Tneihous@gmail.com
  6. I would like a copy of this sequence. Thanks in advance. Tneihouse@gmail.com
  7. I would like a copy of this. Thanksmin advance. Tneihouse@gmail.com
  8. Doe Mathis have a singing pumpkin for it? I wouldmkike a copy of this sequence Tneihouse@gmail.com
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