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  1. James, Could I get the Reaper as well? Thanks in advance. tneihouse@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons with the singing face? Thank you in advance for sharing. tneihouse@gmail.com
  3. Do you have any videos of your setup?
  4. Could I get a copy of this please? tneihouse@gmail.com
  5. Could I get a singing face copy of FNAF for my Halloween show? Thanks in advance. Tneihous@gmail.com
  6. I would like a copy of this sequence. Thanks in advance. Tneihouse@gmail.com
  7. I would like a copy of this. Thanksmin advance. Tneihouse@gmail.com
  8. Doe Mathis have a singing pumpkin for it? I wouldmkike a copy of this sequence Tneihouse@gmail.com
  9. Can you send me a copy of it please? I didn't get one from the original post. Hopefully I can get it in the show for tomorrow. tneihouse@gmail.com
  10. James, Could I get a copy of this. Thank you. tneihouse@gmail.com
  11. I have a 16 channel setup for Halloween. The first 8 channels are for the singing pumpkin. Wanting to see if anyone has sequenced 'Heathens' by Twenty One Pilots for the singing pumpkin and would be so nice to share it. I take my show to my son's elementary school for Trunk or Treat and am looking for new songs to add to the show. Thank you in advance.
  12. James, could you send me the pumpkin face version. Thanks in advance. tneihouse@gmail.com
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