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  1. I plan to run mine through LOR this year - going to run a cable from upstairs to downstairs (similar set up to you) and have the santa file incorporated in the media file for the song it's linking to. Will then have the media file for the "static" lights running Virtual Santa also! So I'll turn the projector on before the show but keep the lens cap on until it's warmed up - then released it and it'll be a blank screen until the Santa file / one other song wihta different file come on. I hope anyway!!
  2. I have part of it from my 10 minute Glee Medley last year I think - I'll check later for you although it's only a verse & chorus I think, not the full song
  3. if this is still being shared I'd love a copy - moya.piccolo@gmail.com Currently working on a reduced version of Let It Go now but I'm sure I could incorporate parts into our show, and bring down the workload a little
  4. I had that issue last year - was all set and determined to do "Spirit of the Season" from Polar Express. Great piece of music, would look great on a CHristmas show except ... I had a total block when it came to sequencing it and could not bring up anything productive. After a good few hours of copy and paste, I came to the conclusion that for whatever reason, it wasn't going to work for me and I gave up - incorporated two other songs instead. Sometimes, you can't force the creativity. If it's just the one song blocking you maybe you could leave it out - or better yet hire someone to sequen
  5. I just upgraded to the Basic Plus because I want to incorporate video files into my show this year. I've gone to Video Preferences and clicked the options I can (full screen not available as don't have advanced licence). I have converted my HD mp4 video to both .avi and .wmv however when I try to open up either of them in a new sequence in Sequencer, I get this - "The media file C:/Users/Christmas/Documents/Light-O-Rama/Video Clips Projector/LetItGo.avi is not recognised as a valid media file. You will need to select a different file." Same for the .wmv version ... What am I miss
  6. Great to hear the kids enjoyed it - we intend to do this and Do You Wanna Build A Snowman this year ; hoping they'll be a good hit!
  7. that is fantastic - I'm another adult fan of Frozen and I pretty much just fell in love with this
  8. thanks guys Well, jstorms we're located in Ireland so ... that would be more impressive than annoying to the neighbours (who, by the way, are very accepting but remain slightly baffled as do most of the town by the amount of effort that we put into christmas ha ha)
  9. THAT... IS AMAZING ... I'm pretty speechless right now
  10. That's your house? I'm a huge fan of your show ... stumbled on it when I was researching getting singing faces and I fell in love with your music display - I have no idea how you did it but kudos ... it's one of my favourites out there on youtube! *total fangirl moment*
  11. Now that it's time to finalise song choices and get to sequencing soon (eek!) I figured I'd share our promo video from last year's show; I'm hoping to get some tv coverage this year so I figured this would help show them what we're about when I start contacting TV stations! http://youtu.be/RL63xpbe7Z0
  12. Ours is based at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Muldowney-Christmas-Light-Show/345884728843279 would appreciate any likes!! Of to 'like' you lot now
  13. I am so, so sorry to read this - it sounds absolutely horrific to go through, and worse to come home to and to be counting up the damage etc!! Fingers crossed your insurance can cover a huge bulk of it for you, and best of luck getting back on your feet!!! (oh and let us know if the thumb drive still works!!!)
  14. As another option - we bought our controllers set at 240v (except I live in Ireland, not Australia xD) and we had them come WITHOUT the cables etc, so when we got the box itself, we just had an electrician rewire it with Irish connections and it works perfectly
  15. symphony

    Help a newbie?

    "The family seriously digs their music but I honestly have no idea where to start" Originally, this year, I planned to do a number of pre-done sequences that people sent me or which I found on the internet. However, in the end, having received a number of them, I realise dnone really fit the set up of my house very well and so I started sequencing my own. Granted I only have 16 channels, but within two weeks, I had seven songs fully sequenced and ready to go on my show, plus two more in the workings in case I increase the length of the show etc. So my best advice to you would be to open up Seq
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