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  1. if you do a simple search, you can find a lot of sequences shared at one point in time. search willy wonka, you'll find a topic back in 2010 where an audio and sequence was posted. right click the lms file and download. here's another site to search http://highcountylights.com/remository.html
  2. take a look at others people sequences. find a pattern that you can understand while looking at it. dont ever rush a sequence, it takes a lot of time and practice.
  3. And everyone thought I would just sit back and watch the big show...popcorn munching. For all the newbies, do a little research before buying anything on line from any members including me. just an FYI.
  4. yeah, I kinda like the old way we were able to share our sequence's and not havin to email anyone.
  5. Here you go Pete, In the sun they melted a snowman II. By Acapella, Insideout album.
  6. LKP is sensitive to lights. you can only use it between 4 and 6 pm eastern time. and remember... don't feed them after dark
  7. evan.a


    Orville, I can share with you all my sequence's. A few years ago. A fellow member used one of mine, and a won in a contest in Light o rama. But that wasn't my point. I got a lot of pm's about it, but didn't care. One of my sequence (that was sent to me by a member), is even used as a paid custom sequence by a seller of custom sequencer (Use advanced to find the topic). But I still stand here today, sharing my work, thru pm's and e-mails. Ask.... I even had a fallen member ( a former lor member that will not join in anymore questions) ask me for some sequence. But I still shared and will always
  8. evan.a


    I'll share my story, A few years ago a report came to take pictures and video of my house. She asked if I saw the house over on Sandshore. I told her "yes I did" and I even took my family there. She asked if I was jealous? I said jealous of what? to make a child smile? bring people out to enjoy the lights? I wasn't doing this to be popular or famous. I was doing this because my family enjoyed the hard work I did for them, the smiles and memories was more than anyone or anything's you can imagine. If your doing this for fame or glory. Than don't complain if your house didn't win. Your doing
  9. I sent you a lms file, but your email came back saying your out of the office. So check your mail.
  10. let see if this may help. maybe your going from 32 to 96 channels. open old sequence. on first line item,- right click, click insert channel, click insert multiple channels above. select desired number. click ok. click edit, click import/export. click import. now you'll have the new channels and the old on one sheet, new on top. old on bottom. . timing is all the same. now you can select row at the bottom half to copy and move to the new location on top. When your all done. remove the bottom half. there will be a conflict of controller unit and the same channels if you don't. It also
  11. http://www.zimchristmas.com/links.php
  12. Matt, Sequencing is not that hard. It does take time. Many of the members here, will share their work. if you only ask. try here first. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/9830-free-and-fee-based-sequences-available/ send me an pm with an address and I'll show you how to have fun doing it.
  13. Oh my goodness, why did I click the link. I'll never learn.
  14. This is what I remember of Dan's Chime-O-Matic. 1st posting in 2008. watch the video http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/4464-a-video-of-my-display-lightorama-dan/?hl=chime-o-matic#entry123938
  15. try this and check links. There's more than one. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/21203-looking-for-32-chanel-this-is-halloween-sequence-with-music/?hl=halloween#entry263483
  16. That made my night... good to know George, Thanks.
  17. evan.a

    New Jersey

    I'm from Jersey, but I moved .
  18. William is still selling his things. Here's a recent posting. High Country Lights Lighting Decorators: As we continue to consolidate our equipment, we have a surplus of hardware for sale. Six 8 channel controllers - CTB-08D. Some have rotary dials and some don't. They're in enclosures, ready to go. See image below. Other things for sale include: one USB-485B adapter, one director card, one repeater, and three input connectors for controllers pre-gen 3. If interested, contact me through a message here or here: http://www.highcountrylights.com/contact-us.html
  19. I've shared a lot of my sequences. most all are set at a .05 cell. I haven't heard of any complaints. anyone who got and use a copy can chime in.
  20. You find yourself addicted to Christmas when, you said " I'm not doing a show". but you still making plans for this year.
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