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  1. Alan, I just purchased my first CCP's and this spinner is awesome. would you share the sequence? thanks in advance.
  2. if you are still sharing, can I get a copy? thanks in advance. jmihal@Comcast.net
  3. if you are sharing, my grandkids would love this. thanks in advance. jmihal@Comcast.net
  4. Hey all, I got it working. I had the resistors R5 and R31 crossed.I guess a little dyslexia took over and being hard to see did not help here. I started to go over all my connections again, before this looked like it could have been incorrect. Again, thank you all for your assistance.
  5. I have connected the same sting of lights that i tested on a second controller. And the string of lights work on the second controller but, still not on this one.
  6. Yes, This is power up to the center leads of the Triacs.
  7. I checked my cable with one of my existing controllers and this works fine. Guess its time to disasemble to review the back side. Will send more pictures when I can pull apart. Thanks for the info so far.
  8. Currently this is the only controller attached. This unit is set to ID 01.
  9. This does have dual power cords, Hot input on left has its own cord.
  10. I am using the hardware utility to test this controller and yes I have 4 other working controllers.
  11. Here are some pictures of the card. Do they help?
  12. Hi all, just completed a CTB16Kpcv1 kit, connected this up to the hardware utility. At this point everything looks good, software locates unit, light go solid, but there is no power to the outlets. Looking over the trouble shooting guide, things look as expected, but no lines work. i have power to the center lesd of the triacs. I even tried running the firmware update, which loaded fine, but still no line power. Anyone have any ideas? thanks,
  13. Can the Visualizer and sequencer programs be run on 2 different computers? I have 2 older computers networked together and would like to be able to run these accross my network. I this is possible, how do i configure the software to allow this? Thanks in advance.
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