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  1. I use 5mm lights for my fire sticks and used 100 lights per section. They were made out of 10' conduit and had 8 sections each just like yours. Save yourself some time and build a guide where you can use a power drill to wrap the sticks. I can send you pics if it would help. If you want to see how mine turned out check out the videos at www.allenlightshow.com. My display has ten 10' fire sticks, I call them bouncy sticks (5 white and 5 blue) and two 30' tall fires ticks.
  2. The latest beta version 4.2.4 with the export macro channels box checked fixed all issues. Thanks for the help.
  3. I upgraded to the new 60_CCR v4.1.2 version of Superstar and have started having many issues. Using the older version last year I had no issues creating sequences and then copying over into the Seauence Editor. With this version I have been getting several errors that are preventing copy/paste and will try the new beta version mentioned in an earlier post. However, even when the copy/ paste using the legacy format does work the sequences are slightly modified. They look perfect when watching the visualization in Superstar, but the version that shows up in Sequence Editor has misaligned timin
  4. I cut my CCB stings and added 25 foot extensions in the middle. They are working fine, but George is correct - warranty is void.
  5. Curtain strobe lights, see link below. http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mini-strobe-light.html
  6. I did the same as you my first year and ran my show from the mp3 controller using an SD card. I added RGB elements this year and had to run my show off a computer. I switched to a primary network and my RGB lights (12 CCB controllers) run on two separate Aux networks. The single network could not handle the sequence running all of the RGB commands at the 500k speed. I did all of my RGB programming using the Superstar software from LOR and imported into Sequence Editor to run the show. You can see the results below. The 25' 360 degree megatree in the center of the display uses all of the CCB'
  7. Glad to hear you are thinking about becoming a holiday lighting addict. You are also right about the cost, it can quickly become very expensive. To get you off on the right foot I have a Showtime mp3 director unit that I am no longer using. You need a computer to program it but it will run the show on its own. I used it my first year and it worked great every night. You can have it free of charge just send me a private reply with your address and I will send it out with the directions. Maybe that will allow you to buy an extra controller your first year. The only thing I ask is that you prom
  8. I had similar problems this year and one of my CAT5e connectors had gotten wet. My CCB's were beyond flakey when this happened. Some failed to come on, others would not shut off, etc. Dried out the connector and problems went away for the rest of the season.
  9. That's the beauty of this forum. Great, helpful people.
  10. Sounds like things may not be configured the same in your network utility and the SE network configuration tool. Are your aux networks and the associated controllers configured the same in both locations? Once you confirm this I would open up the hardware utility and search for the controllers on each comm port individually to make sure everything is communicating
  11. You nailed it, problem solved. I am running 12 controllers (24 strings), two aux networks at 500k each with their own USB port. The issue was affecting all strings. Went out and walked the cables down and forgot that in the heat of installation I had used CAT5 connectors to extend the cables. Meant to get them out of the weather, but just overlooked it. They were soaking wet. Dried them out, put them in an enclosure and all seems to be working fine again. Thanks for the help.
  12. It is random across both strings on a controller and affecting multiple controllers. The problem actually got worse as the show ran tonight. When a morph ran random lights would remain on. When the next morph ran these lights would clear and others would remain on. At the start of the show it was a few bulbs. By the end of the show it was half of multiple strings. All CCB's performed fine for 6 nights and suddenly started to act up.
  13. My CCB's are working perfectly when the sequences are running. However, stray individual CCB's are turning on when no sequence is running and the computer is sitting in "show enabled" mode. It is not always the same bulb and not always the same color. I have cycled the power. The lights clear and within a few minutes some come back on. Any ideas?
  14. Here is a quick video of my 25 foot CCB tree. Will put up better video later. Right now, I'm just making sure the show is running smoothly..
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