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  1. Emailed to you... FYI, this was last years LOR.LMS sequence. This years is being done in xLights.
  2. Good afternoon Jerry. Just saw this... Can you please forward me a copy of the faces ? Thanks Much. RaZZloLights@yahoo.com
  3. Has anyone done "A Christmas Festival", ? I always wanted to do this, and have edited it to about 4.5 minutes. Just curious before I start banging on this one.
  4. I will send out the sequence I have. However I never did get around to doing the faces... Sorry...
  5. I have a version I did 2 years ago. When I get home this evening, I will email you. It also has 4 coro singing faces....
  6. I purchased the 4 coro trees last year and mounted in wood frame. After being up for 45 days in all weather, they held up well. Coro is very sturdy. I know that another vendor has HDPE faces as well.
  7. Ron, please see the following from Wikipedia in regards to your issue… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network … It is common for packets originating in private address spaces to be misrouted onto the Internet. Private networks often do not properly configure DNS services for addresses used internally and attempt reverse DNS lookups for these addresses, causing extra traffic to the Internet root nameservers. … As others have pointed out, networking can be a very technical and complex concept. Your home network appears to be 192.168.1.X. Anything on the 192.168.1.X network will rema
  8. I am adding pixels for the first time this year. I have 9 6' trees that I am converting from AC to Pixels, all for the color effects and control. I am also adding 4 Pixel arches. But the rest of the display remains AC. I still even use some incans, as I like the traditional look of these on some elements. As clyde said, each display is unique.
  9. We run our show from Thanksgiving thru Christmas daily. We don't usually go out of town, 'cause our family and friends want to come here.. : If we do go out, I don't worry about it. The only issues we ever had were weather related, so if I know that a bad storm is coming, I'll shut down the elements which seem to be less tolerant (e.g. the tomato cage trees). Other than that the show goes on. .
  10. Jaynee, as others have said, start small and build up. We did that. We are at the back of the sub-D on a cul-de-sac, so it's not a traffic problem... 1st year, although the neighbors "liked" our display, the neighbors across the street was like.. "well, it's ok.. we can just feel the bass in our bedroom"... (I wanted to make a comment there but I stopped... they are retired...) :-) Now in our 5 year of animated lights (always had static previously), it has grown considerably, and the neighbors are already asking what we are doing this year, and when will we be starting ? Get them invol
  11. It never ceases to amaze me how creative we are.
  12. Currently it appears the only methods to import XL4 effects into LOR is either: A). convert the XL4 sequence into a .lms file (which creates a very large LMS data file). or . export each XL4 model into a clipboard format (.LCB) and bring into LOR. FYI, currently XL4 Model groups cannot be brought into LOR, so any effects created in a model group will need to be changed to individual models in XL, or the effects re-created.
  13. Super. Seems like either will work. Much appreciated...
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