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  1. I have everything but the vampire plugs. Thanks for asking!
  2. Sorry Jeff, but I'll have to decline. I sure do! Simply PM me and we can discuss the details.
  3. I appreciate the offer Jeff, but it's too much of a discount on what are already heavily discounted prices.
  4. No sir, I have not heard of this mystical feature... I will try and find more information on it. S5? Is there a rumor mill for how the new PE will be? If they could somehow dumb it down to my level — although that may be impossible — it would be splendid.
  5. Personally, after watching the online instructional video, I find it much more complicated than using Sequence editor and I simply cannot understand all the in's and out's of the software. It's not nearly as intuitive as sequence editor which is what put me off pixels for a while. Good eye! I thought I had a latest version, but apparently not. George, it's nice to hear I'm not the only crazy one trying to attempt this. I am proficient in my understanding of Sequence editor but there is always more to learn. Do you know if SE has a shortcut to create linear ramps? For i
  6. For 2017 I calculated that it would be much cheaper to outline my house with RGB Nodes instead of buying separate colored strings, I also found that it costs the same, or in some cases even less expensive, to use WS2811 Pixels vs dumb nodes (my original plan) Cutting the fat, here is question. If I purchase a pixie16, I plan to primarily treat my LED's as dumb strings with fairly minimal pixelation, I find the pixel editor to be too complicated for my skill set and will stick to SE. My question is, do I simply install the board in Hardware utility and then treat every individual cha
  7. UPDATE 1/05/2017 9:26am : All Female SPT-1 Wire Plugs are Gone 1 Male SPT-1 Box of Plugs is still Available All other inventory remains unchanged.
  8. Hey Guys! I have some extra 'old school' display items left from my display this season. I have loads of vampire plugs I need to get rid of, faceted LED's, and an empty spool string of 12" C9. I will take care of shipping to anywhere in the USA. ALL OF THE ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW. Green SPT1 Plugs: 3 Boxes - 100 pcs Female (These are already molded so you can easily knockout the plastic on the opposing end for an inline application.) 4 Boxes - 100 pcs Male $40 Per 100 Count Box. ______________________________________________ Faceted screw in C9 LED bulbs, 25 per box.
  9. I never really thought about it that way. I remember seeing a house with a similar setup as my description, I believe the story was a night before Christmas, and I was captivated by it. I guess you're right though, it is very slow and may not be able to hold anyone's attention.
  10. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great! It's just about time when I begin seriously thinking about my display and a random thought came into mind. Has anyone ever synced their lights to a short Christmas story? I'm trying to find a nice short Christmas story that has a nice narrator and perhaps some nice background music. Does anyone know of someone who may have done this sort of thing or perhaps any suggestions if this sounds like a reasonable idea?
  11. Hello Everyone! It's been really challenging to find time to complete my sequence(s). It's a 13 minute, multiple song track and I have around 3-4 minutes left to complete. I have 32 (31 used) Channels: 16 being allocated to a mega tree and two smaller trees. 15 to just a wall of lights on the house. I was wondering, if anyone has any available time to complete the said tracks how much would you charge? I could send you my current sequence so that you may get a sense of my sequencing style and base your judgement from there? Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas in July.
  12. I had a strange slap in the face today. It's closer than I realized... The insanity.
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