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  1. I would also love a copy thank you crowninb@gmail.com
  2. So i did a brief look for help on this issue but didn't find anything so I am asking anyways, I apologize if it is somewhere else or already been explained. So I have used my CCRs a few times for a 12 ccr tree. I have always treated them very well and store them in a nice warm area during the off season. This year after constructing my CCR tree I turned it on and ran a script for the first time 5 out of my 12 stayed bright white. They did not respond to the sequence at all and just remained white. I thought about restarting the controller but then I decided to plug in one of the spare CCr r
  3. How do I change it when it saves it automatically into that file am I missing where I can select what type file I can save it as? Thanks B
  4. I bought some halloween sequences online and have been able to play them in the sequence editor just fine. I then go to the show editor, go to music tab, select songs and then hit save as. when i go back into the sequence editor I cant find the file i just created as a show. If i go into the root directories of LOR I find the file and when I click on it, it opens up the sequence editor and then says "unknown file extension" Im using LOR 3.11.2 when i right click on the file it says its a LSS file which is similar to others I have created but for some reason this "show" is not recognized and wo
  5. If your going to go with a flame maching you might as well go with one of these! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIrd6PNqBVU&feature=related http://youtu.be/kBRyAWdZtTY http://youtu.be/uhfKxHdnlFQ I have had the pleasure of using two of these in the pyrotechnics field and they are amazing. I then thought hey it be cool to own one until you look at the cost and run into the problem of the fuel like above. cool to watch though!
  6. Awesome now we just need you to make another video called where did the hawks offense go! Great show next year have make it down to see your display, great job
  7. I have further done research into this and most that do it use any where from 2200-5000 lumens single hd projector. I would beg to differ that it's not a show, there are other videos that take similar songs like tso and isolate sections of the house to the music just like the lighting. With the people that I have talked to that have done this I believe that I will be able to pair it with my current LOR ccr tree and controllers. I don't have the biggest yard or house so to much actually lights in my opinion would look over done. That's why I am hoping to have it snowing etc across my entire ho
  8. I'm hopping its little slow cause holidays. No one use projectors at all? Or ever any similar software?
  9. Has anyone seen or heard of something like this? I really love the 3d image mapping and 3d projecting companies are using on huge buildings for marketing but came across this video when I was messing around on YouTube. Was looking at simple projection of snowflakes but feel this be so cool. Just curious how cool this be and incorporate it into my LOR display ccr tree etc Anyone out there into projectors and can recommend any? For future proofing etc Thanks B Www. digitalpressworks.com
  10. That's awesome! Pump out 4 or 5 more sequences like that especially with animations as nice as that I'd be flipping my 122 ccr tree every other year! Great job
  11. Finally got pick of the tree up and going. Used advice from everyone's posts. Buried 2inch steel pipe 4ft deep in which 2-10ft 1.5 feet steel pipe went into. Used 1/2 conduit to go up which attached to a cross beam below the star that had eye hooks in them. Each rod has a hook fastened to it and slips into the designated eye hook above. A 1/2 conduit support brace was put across mid level then brought back to pole to keep conduit from bending in towards structure. The bottom is 2x4 lifted since grass isn't level. Each rod slips into a designated hole which allows movement for the expansion of
  12. Can I have a copy please wife loves Disney ty
  13. May I also receive a copy please. Ty. Crowninb@gmail.com
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