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  1. Jim or Todd, You ideas help a lot but still unable to turn my RGB bulbs down a little. I get the color fade tool but still can't figure where you go to set the intensity. If I open the intensity tool and select a lower value, then select the RGB channel, it makes all three colors the intensity value I selected. Therefore dimming the light but turning it white. Thanks for any help. Calhoun Lights
  2. Doug, please keep me in the loop. I would attend, be great to meet others & trade ideas. Bob A.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply, I understand and will give it a try. This is next years display piece, so have time to order if I mess this up!
  4. Before I destroy a good set of lights, has anyone tried this? I have a 100 lamp led light string I would like to shorten. Having to add a resistor to the shorten end to use the extra power that shorting the string put on to the remaining lights is above my pay grade. These a good quality strings from a vendor in Kansas They have the 115 volt plug and two wires to the first blob, then three wires from there to the second blob and three wires to the third blob and then two wires to the end female plug. Is it possible to cut this into three sections? I don't care if I lose the ability to connect strings together. I would have to understand which of the three wire would need to connect to the added male plug. Thanks and hope your shows are up a running the way you intended. Bob
  5. Bob M. Thanks for the additional info. I have looked at your post's and website. You do a great job. I would like to add a large prop to my display once I figure this dmx out. The other Bob
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. The set up is lap top connected to holiday coro's dongle, dongle to holiday coro's three channel controller. This controller is set screw connection only. Using pins one and two in a cat five connector for dmx + & -. Power is from a 12 volt power supply. The light connection is yellow positive and reg, blue, green negative. I called the lights a strip, but it's just a string of 50 pixcel's. Hope this helps.
  7. Still a newbie, but have been using a light o rama 16 circuit AC controller for a year. Upgraded to advanced this year and trying to connect a dumb led string. I have it connected and most functions are working. I can turn the lights on and off, set the intensity, do twinkle and shimmer, but the lights are always white. I set up a color fade, setting both ends of the fade to the same color and it does the fade but the lights are white. Where do you select the color you want the lights to be? Thanks for any help and a GREAT BIG THANKS for all the information you share on these forums. Calhoun Lights Bob
  8. I know every one is super busy but Is it possible to use a household style dimmer to control a string of C9 retrofit led lamps? The type that contains five LEDs. They are way to bright for my display. Thanks Calhoun Lights
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