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  1. Three times this season the scheduled program started and not all hardware was found.  I’m running just one 16 channel LOR and one DMX controller from a laptop. The DMX controller starts every time it’s told to, but these three times the program was running but the LOR controller wasn’t working. All I do the shut down the scheduled program, run the hardware utility. It finds the LOR controller, I close the hardware utility and enable the schedule and everything is fine. Any idea why the controller gets lost. Nothing has changed since we started this season. Thanks 

  2. I have a new problem that I have never see before. I use LOR software to control my year around landscape lighting. I use the same sequence year around, just disconnecting the Christmas props. The sequence drives some floods lights, that work as lied out in the sequence, there is also a DMX adapter feeding dumb leds on  bush’s. About 2 hours in the sequence the leds start acting like strobe light, Blinking erratically. After about a half hour they straighten out. During this time the control panel shows the sequence stopping and starting, but not as fast as the leds are blinking. I have tried another sequence and the same result. Should I be replacing, leds, dongle, or controller. The entire setup is about 7 years old.

  3. Not sure which topic this should be under. Using advanced 4.2.something software. Controllers are 2 16 channel residential units connected to usb to dongle,  e1.31 line from pc to alphapix 4, and 1 DMX 3 channel controller connected from pc to usb dongle. Hope that makes sense, everything worked, I took all the Christmas props down, but use the controllers to run my landscape lighting. The lights from the 3 channel controller stop working, now when I look at network preferences, the DMX tab, there’s no adapter listed. The protocol drop down has several choices.  Device manager shows the adapter is on comm 3, I also download and installed the driver for the dongle. Lights on the end of the dongle, one is steady and other is blinking. Lights work from the controller test buttons. I’m out of ideas, seems like the only thing left to try is a new dongle. But would like a expert opinion. Thanks Bob

  4. Thanks for the input,  all lights blink, I’m  thinking it because of all lights Turing off and right back on because of the loop at end command. I could extend the total sequence time to be greater than the time I want the program to run, then copy the sequence, then multiple paste all the way to the end of the sequence. But that slows the computer down when you save or do an open command. Hope this makes sense.

    thanks again, Bob

  5. Hope everyone’s display is working as you intended. My sequence is about 15 minutes long, so I have loop at the end checked. When the loop occur’s the annoying blink happens. Any way to eliminate the blink other that extending the total time to be greater the the scheduled show time. 

  6. It’s cold and windy here in NE. today, so not going outside to check. I’m using two 16 circuit LOR controllers, the control for these are from a RS 485 output on a alphapix controller. The alphapix control is from a PC , running light o Rama software, with E1.31. Yesterday I added a two color tree to  what I set up as unit 2 LOR controller, so on circuits 21 and 22.  Set it up to change color every two seconds, then I noticed that circuits 5 and 6, on controller set as unit 1 were doing the same thing. The software had circuits 5 and 6 as full on. So guessing that both controllers have the same unit Id, to nasty to go out and check. The hardware utility can’t find any controllers, because of the Network set up. So I have to drag out the dongle and connect each LOR controller, not an easy project controllers are hundreds of feet from the PC. There was a power outage a couple of days ago, could that cause the unit id to change? What can I do to make sure the unit id stays what I input?



  7. Note to everyone, but mostly me. “ Be sure to check the simple things first”. All the time and effort spent yesterday trying to get the schedule working we’re caused by the clock being set to AM. I set the schedule to come on at 4:15 PM so the program was doing what I told it to do. Reminds me of the old saying “garbage in garbage out”. Lol

  8. Thanks, Jim 

    over the years I have learned a lot from your answers and watching your responses.  I’m working today, so will not have a chance to check out your suggestions. The more I think about this, it has to be a comm port problem. The alphapix and the LOR controllers play all channels when played from the SE.  This is the first year running the show from an old desktop located the the garden shed, always used a laptop in the house before.

  9. The sequence plays from in SE, everything is good.  Set the sequence up as a show, lss file, then add that to the schedule editor. Enable schedule and nothing plays. The layout is pc to alphapix E1.31 control then on to 16 circuit LOR controller using the RS485 output on the alphapix board. When I use the hardware utility it can’t find the LOR controller, should it? I just remembered that I need to check which comm port is selected, the only choice was 1 or 3. Not sure but thinking it has been comm 4 in the past. What am I missing?

  10. I’m using an AlphaPix controller, the Rs485 output to connect to two 16 circuit LOR ac controllers. So the plan is to have these to controllers using DMX as the control. The holiday Coro website has information on how to set the universe and circuit number. I need the first LOR controller to use universe 10. If I follow the information then circuit 1 on the controller should be 241, does the unit ID need to be set at 10? Then I assume the second LOR controller would be universe 11 and circuit 1 would be 257. 

    Thanks Bob


  11. 18 hours ago, TheDucks said:

    That looks like a wrong screen resolution wrap. note the time line has wrapped, shoving the rest down.  Check the video resolution, it may be too low (Old vid cards might not support XVGA levels)

    Just wanted to follow up,  this was the problem. Changed the resolution and everything was good. 

    Thanks to all that took time to respond 


  12. Thanks for the info, will check on the resolution in the morning, cold and raining here.

    Jim I need to expand on my idea of a new set up. I wasn’t planing on installing the RS 485 adapter. I plan on using E1.31 to control the two LOR generation 3’s controllers. I’m unsure if I can just daisy chain cat 5 between them. Also concerned about the physical layout,  to make the best use of the CAT 5. Will start at the computer, short run to E1.31 controller, another short run from the DMX output to LOR unit 2, really long run +100 feet to LOR controller 1, then on again to several DMX dumb controllers.

  13. I have not moved unit 1 yet, could the fact that unit 1 is not connected be the problem. My plan for this year is to run cat five from the computer to a E1.31 controller, then on to light o Rama unit 2 and then on to unit 1. Running the lot box with E1.31. Hope this will work.

  14. Ok, I’m tired of trying to figure this out, help please. Installed 4.2.6 advanced on an older windows system to serve as a show computer. All the sequences that looked fine on the laptop they were built on, how look off. The sequence plays fine but the channel buttons do not line up with the channel rows. There is an space between the timing row and the first row of programming. Can’t select anywhere on this row. Any ideas?

  15. 10 hours ago, Santas Helper said:

    Little confused here. Was 6 minutes not the total time of what you sequenced?

    Thanks for the reply and no it was sequenced to run 1.5 hours.


    10 hours ago, saxon said:

    I think I know what's going on, but I've been wrong before...,,.

    when playing a sequence with SE, don't use the play button (the play arrow) instead, use the drop down menu ( I'm not at a computer and can't remember exactly which) play and select play sequence from start or play entire sequence-it says something along those lines. 

    I experience the same thing, stops around half way. Use the drop down menu and it should play all the way.  


    Thanks, for the tip, I will try it this evening,


  16. Still learning every time I finish a new sequence, this afternoon I completed the most complex sequence I have ever attempted. After I completed it I saved it, and hit the play button and went outside to admire my work. After 6 minutes the sequence stopped, I went back inside and checked my settings. Made sure the total length of show was set to run the time length that I wanted. I could not find anything wrong so hit the play button and the sequence started again from the beginning. Same result at 6 minutes, tried several times with the same result. Gave up and decided to move forward, set a show in show editor and scheduled the show using the same sequence. The sequence came on as scheduled a still running 2 1/2 hours later. Wonder what I missing. 

    Thanks & hope you shows are up and running.


  17. Thank Jim, looks like I have more work to. Good thing it's not my Christmas show, but landscape lighting. So I will just have to work it the settings until the boss (wife of 48 years) is happy.


    Calhoun Lights

  18. I am using version 4.2.6 to control a dumb three channel controller. Trying to get a warm light color on the string. I have looked at several different RGB color charts, but setting the DMX intensity scale to their suggestions results in the string having a blue or green tint. Can the hardware effect the colors? Has anyone figured out the DMX settings to the warm white look, or maybe it can't accomplished using LEDS.


    Calhoun Lights

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