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  1. i found the user manual and i guess there is no timer in the controller like you said. oh well i have cat cable enough and will controll it with the dc-mp3 controller. i reset the controller and it removed the sequence. i learned that the c- is for the lighting curve the controller is using. i guess i just didn't see the users guides before. anyway thanks again for the help. i guess my head was in the clouds looking for the manual. i'm already looking forward to next year when i will have time to put it all to music!
  2. yes that is correct i used the hardware utility lor tab standalone button, picked my sequence and downloaded it to the controller, it took awhile for it to download so i assumed it is in the controller. in the trigger condition it shows me the option to set the times i want it to come on and go off and when i send the trigger info to the unit it says that the "download of startup parameters complete". the message i get when i try to clear the sequence is "unit did not respond to clear command, retry command" but it is the same every time i try. all other lor programs are closed and only the
  3. i have the lor 160xw gen3 controllers and i downloaded the sequence that it will be using. i set the unit id in the controller and i can test the sequence from the hardware utility (3.2.0 version) but if i disconect the cat 5 cable the unit shows no connection. i set the timer to see if it would come on by itself and it didn't. it works the lights fine when i test the sequence. it also will not let me delete the sequence. i'm at a loss here any help would be greatly appretiated. I'm sure it's something stupid on my part!
  4. i've been using it for awhile now myself, and i don't know if it's because i have my full license now or not but it seems easier ( maybe i'm just excited that my project got the green light and it can't be undone now he he!!) i use the view animation window so i can see what it will be like, it's a big help for me. i'm not doing music this year so i can learn the animation side first and practice the rest between christmas and next years display.
  5. i think i will make them look less valuable with some paint. i got my license today and so today i play yay!!! thanks for all the input i'll post some images when i get er done. i'm sure i'll be back with a slew of newbie questions before then though.
  6. might be a lesser law suit to let them be shocked out of their senses
  7. yes sir i was going with the pc series but i am now going with the pro series not a lot of extra cost with sale. i don't want to send Jesus any early birthday presents by accident....or on purpose for that matter. i think my biggest fear is that someone is going to walk off with this stuff since it's going to be in the city park along the river bank. i'm told there is security i guess we'll see.
  8. more is always better, unless you're talking taxes!!!
  9. i would do the ol casa this year but i gotta spend the money on rebuilding my sea doo engine. but next year....... ohhhh yeahh it's gonna be on!! plus i will have gotten to play with the companys first
  10. well i couldn't wait any longer and i got the ball rolling with my order. i don't want to miss out on the summer sale either and it would be nice to get my order for free (well at least half of it). so i have climbed aboard the LOR crazy train and do believe i will do something at the house too.
  11. yes i understand that most people will be biased towards lor. but i don't ask a person driving a ford what problems he has driving a chevy since he is not driving a chevy. i want to use the lor setup, and i will use it. i'm just asking if there are issues that may arise that i will need to be ready for. our company can't afford to wait for parts (if needed) or to send something off. i plan on having at least one spare controller and thinking about it now the pro series will be great since i wouldn't have to hook my laptop to the controller to set the id. anyway from all the post i've rea
  12. thanks for the rousing vote of confidence in lor. the lettering is pretty hard to read in my little scetch but it looks alot better on the visualizer with the black background, but i think i will try some different colors making them all the same and see how that looks in the visualizer. not too hard to do or time consuming i'll just change button colors and check it out. let ya know what i come up with. i wish i could talk the company into rgb's then i could just lose my mind and go crazy!!!
  13. thanks y'all. i was reading some other posts about the controllers and i never had really thought about regulations on public grounds, seeing as last year the show was in someones backyard along the river with no oversight. not that i did a shaby job or anything like that but i'm sure the inspectors could have found something. i will change my controllers to the pro controllers. i can at least then use them without the show director to run independent sequences if i need to. this will be my first time using this kind of equipment and only my second display. i have already made several s
  14. i know this is probably not the right question to ask on this forum, but from what i've read everyone seems pretty honest about the products. anyway i work for a company that puts out a display in out local christmas lights river attraction. last year i created a small and simple display with chaser controls, rope lights, wood and paint. this year they want me to "expand" the display and so i will. i plan on having our greeting sign which will be 3' high letters and approximatly 80' long. each letter will be a single channel from two ctb16pc prebuilt ready to go controllers. my whole dis
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