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  1. Hey gang, hoping to update my Halloween display this year, but simply don't have the time to program from scratch...the very little free time I have for programming was spent updating Xmas. I'm only going to do a very modest show for Halloween. Nothing extravagant, but I figure some lights are better than none. I'm planning on doing 16 channels, but could probably make 32 work if necessary. Looking for full length versions of the following songs, if anyone is willing to share... Thriller Grim Grinning Ghosts Sandstorm Monster Mash Any other dark creepy song you wan
  2. The magical IT solution actually was the one that fixed it all. I thought I had already done that, but apparently I hadn't. I restarted the computer and all seems to be working now. Sigh.... k6ccc, I didn't realize you could control Visualizer from another computer. What would you typically use that feature for? Would it be for getting an idea of what is playing at your house? See, I'm stone age, even with Visualizer. I presume a lot of you use a picture of your house as the background. Frankly, I just have a black background screen with stick figure looking animations. I do know
  3. Yep. I started doing my sequence revisions about two months ago. Visualizer was working then. But one day last week, nothing. It's possible I changed a setting by accident, but I don't think I did. Could it be a software issue? Should I just reinstall LOR on the computer?
  4. So any thoughts on why Visualizer suddenly stopped working for me?
  5. I just checked the computer (it's not the one I'm on right now). I have version 3.11.2.
  6. George, Thanks. I went into Visualizer and tab 6 and didn't see anything labeled "Advanced Rendering Engine". I think I have a fairly old version of all the software, probably 3 years old (could be 4). Could that be an issue?
  7. Tried that, still nothing. I tried closing out all LOR stuff and reopening, nada.
  8. I admit I'm a bit rusty, but I'm confused. I'm working on reprogramming my songs in SE. Have 48 channels, but just reprogramming the first 32...I programmed them back in 2011 or so and I was using incans, and was a total newbie. I don't like them, so I'm refining it. However, for some reason Visualizer has stopped working with SE. It was working for a while, I don't recall making any changes to Visualizer or SE, unless I did it by accident. I pull the Visualizer file up, hit "Play", then when I run SE, nothing. Just a blank screen in Visualizer. I have the box in SE for "control Visual
  9. Thanks all. Some follow up from my end. I guess I'll have to try to do some more testing into twinkle and shimmer. All I know is that when I programmed them for incans, I was fairly happy with the result. Now that they're LED, I don't like it. Too few lights are twinkling, it looks more like random spot lights flashing. All my lights are Wal-Mart bought, not sure if that makes a difference, and I don't know what half wave vs full wave even is. Which brings me to the biggest challenge, the same one I've always had. Time. I just don't have much of it. Like I said, my programm
  10. Thanks!! Can you give me an example of what you mean by "A color wash on the house or a certain lighting element that can be tied to a soft undertone in a song can really help keep the display from being too flashy."
  11. Most of my songs were programmed some time ago, when I was using incans. Over the years, after Christmas sales have allowed me to slowly convert the display to LED. At this point, I'm basically 100% completely converted. As you guys know, and I've found out through experience, LED doesn't respond to SE commands the same way incans do. Some of my songs now look really bad, like just random flashing that could rival a Japanese cartoon. So I plan to start over and redo the programming, especially now that I was able to score a bunch of single color LEDs in the after Christmas sales (I had mo
  12. I know, I need to get a photo. I will try to do so later today. For now, the best description I can give is this... Right where the number 15 is, on the little black thing between the prong for 15 and 14, there was a tiny bit of dust. I didn't see any physical damage to the board otherwise. Where I plug into the prong for 15, there was whatever it was (spider egg sac could definitely have been it, a small one) on the outside of the connection. In fact, I had to remove it (the sac or whatever) before I could unplug it because it was right where I would grip it to pull it off of
  13. I'm sure this has been covered before, but I don't have a ton of time to research, so please forgive me. I set up my Halloween display over the weekend, which is a very meager one. Frankly, I kind of use it as a test session for Halloween to make sure my controllers, radio, etc...work. Well, one of my 16 channel LOR controllers has a channel out, specifically #15. When I opened the box and looked, it looked to me like a tiny ball of something was built around where the lead from the power supply for #15 plugs into the board (forgive me, I don't know the correct terminology). Almost like a
  14. Has anyone built a small replica of a Santa's Workshop? 3 or 4 years ago, when I lived in a different house, I tried to build one. I'm not very handy, and it was an extremely crude thing. I don't even remember exactly how I did it, but I remember it was basically a PVC box...so I had 4 sections about 6' tall each standing up making a roughly 5'x5' square outline, with PVC connecting it all on top. The "roof" was just more PVC attached (screws as I recall) at a 45" angle on top to make an arch. I then strung lights across the top to make it look like a "roof". I wanted to put sides up, bu
  15. I'd love to see what's out there. Klayfish@aol.com Thanks!!!!
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