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  1. Bryan, would love a cpy if you are still sending. Dan childrens@mediacombb dot net
  2. Would love a copy also thanks. childrens@mediacombb dot net
  3. Could you fire a copy my way also please. childrens@mediacombb dot net
  4. Count me in. Thanks! childrens@mediacombb.net
  5. They shipped one out to me, comes in Monday.
  6. I opened a ticket since I just bought the controllers a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping for a quick fix but I will run this route so I don't blow the warranty if there is one.
  7. Put a board together and everything seemed to be fine until I put it in the yard and it started to disappear from the network intermittently. As I was checking the board I noticed that if I wiggled the transformer I would get a blinking red light. First thought, bad solder, easy fix. When I removed the board and checked the solders they were solid and in good shape. The transformer still wiggles. De-soldered and upon examination I have pins 1,3,4 and 6 that wiggle up and down in the transformer. Any fix? (faster than a replacement being shipped?)
  8. 35' Mega tree up with 128 channels. 32 strands of 3 colors at the 35' height and 8 strands of 4 different colors at the 20' height. 12- 18' 9 segment arches over the driveway up. Got it all done with only one day rental of the cherry picker...Yeaa. (-:
  9. Sent a bunch out. If I missed you let me know. Wildwaves, I can't seem to get one to you your address comes back " The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk." Dan
  10. If I have not sent a sequence to you please PM me. My laptop is due back from Utah Wed or Thu so I will be back in business then. Sorry for the delay folks the GPU cooler on the video card stopped working so I had to have it replaced. Dan
  11. If it's not too much trouble. childrens@mediacombb.net Thanks Dan
  12. Count me in if it's not too much trouble. Thanks Dan childrens@mediacombb.net
  13. Same traffic if your still sending copies. childrens@mediacombb.net Thanks Dan
  14. Me 3,000 too please. childrens@mediacombb.net Thanks Dan
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