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  1. I know this is a stretch, but has anyone done the singing faces to this song?? I have a full version I'm using, It would look a ton better with the trees.. flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks all!
  2. Has anyone attempted the faces to the Cartman song? The neighborhood loves it and I'm waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy behind this year... Looking for a little assistance.. flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks!
  3. could you please send me a copy as well.. flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks!
  4. Can you add me to the list as well... I seem to have misplaced the copies I had before.. flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks!
  5. I'm sorry folks, but I know this has been asked before. I'm hunting this song and am hitting a wall finding it. Does anyone have one to share? thanks in advance..
  6. I'm looking for Light 'em Up by Fall Out Boy. Anyone in a sharing mood?? email is flametamer29732@gmail.com 'appreciate it! -pat
  7. I too am interested in a copy of your work flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks!
  8. Rock Hill SC here... There's 2 LOR shows in our neighborhood, and another within 5 minutes of here..
  9. I have the singing tree sequence for this, but was wondering if anyone was willing to share the rest of the sequence. Looking for a late addition thanks.
  10. I'd be interested in a copy as well. flametamer29732@gmail.com thanks
  11. Mine says the authorization for payment has expired..... WT?
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