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  1. I would love this sequence everyone I know Loves this song! zachthedj@gmail.com
  2. I'm DJing my schools Homecoming dance and I need ideas on what to do for it... I know this isn't LOR type stuff but you guys here always have great ideas and I just thought that I could incorporate those ideas into a great homecoming dance (my senior homecoming dance) I wanna make it big this year I'm already putting $2,500 into speakers, subwoofer, and regular DJ lights. But I want to put a special touch on it. Our school colors are Green and Gold, mascot is the Wildcat and our Homecoming Dance is on October 12th. That's just a quick summary... Also the only reason I'm not doing a show at my
  3. copy please? zachthedj@gmail.com by the way your sequences are almost as identical as my lol the way the channels and sequenced
  4. Thanks I sequenced it and will uploaded it here tomorrow thanks a ton!
  5. here is a link to my visualizer file just click download and unpack the rar file http://sdrv.ms/1adkcp9 If you don't have it and don't mind sequencing it for me that'd be great I'll busy trying to get other things in order for this year running behind!
  6. Hey TJ you wouldn't happen to have sequenced the whole part? like the lights not working and all? I'm looking to do that whole part as like a scene with real people and just like a remake of that part of the movie from the point where everyones outside to the ending with it finally coming on but with everything in between please if you did that or know of somewhere I could get it let me know thanks! zachthedj@gmail.com
  7. could you send me a copy? lol I'm late I know zachthedj@gmail.com
  8. Please send zachthedj@gmail.com hopefully doing my first real show this year if not for graduation in June 2014 going all out! Thanks
  9. James please zachthedj@gmail.com thanks lol
  10. zachthedj@gmail.com that looks so cool my Television Production class did our own Harlem Shake it was fun but I'll bet I could do a whole show with this thanks!
  11. acdc dirty deeds done dirt cheap dream weaver evil wind bad company one night in bangkok phycho killer edited war pigs whip it Please zachthedj@gmail.com thanks would look great for my setup
  12. zachthedj@gmail.com please sounds cool I've done some mashups of todays music but haven't gotten around to doing sequences to them... to complicated for me only a 16 channel system if anyone wants the mp3s and sequence them let me know
  13. zachthedj@gmail.com please btw James you got everything lol
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