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  1. I'm pretty good about making back up files, after losing countless pictures of kids when they were younger. But, I didn't make a back up after I finished adding a new prop late last season. I somehow lost all programming of 12 out of 96 channels that were up and running. Any chance there's a way to find these? Any help is appreciated. Bob
  2. Being emailed to you right now!
  3. I have it, but I only have 64 channels.
  4. I have Lights of Christmas, by Owl City that I'm sharing. No faces, RGB's/Pixels etc, 64 channels, 34 channel spiral tree, and our Peanut's gang we made are doing the vocals.
  5. You are welcome, it's on the way.
  6. I tried to post it here for you, but I get a message that the file is too big. If you give me you're email, I'll try to send it to you. But it's from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  7. I'm also looking for Ghost Busters please if anybody can share that. We're only using one 16 channel controller, with no faces or RGB's. Thanks in advance ozarkboy2@yahoo.com
  8. James, any chance of sharing this again? I have 64 channels, no pixels, rgb's etc. ozarkboy2@yahoo.com Thanks in advance! Bob
  9. It's heading you're way Tom.
  10. You are very welcome. I hope you can use it. Bob
  11. I have Thriller in 16 channels if you don't have it already.
  12. Thriller is too large of a file. But email me at ozarkboy2@yahoo.com and I'll send it to you. Bob
  13. I put a spell on you. LMS I put a spell on you.lms
  14. I have 3 different Halloween songs ready to go in 16 channel, (not big on Halloween) and I'm looking for more. I'd gladly share what I have ready. This is Halloween,. I Put a Spell on You, and Thriller. We also have a couple dozen Christmas songs ready to go, most in 64 channels. Thriller.lms.lcs I put a spell on you.lms.lcs This is Halloween.lms.lcs
  15. I have 4, 16 channel Halloween show's that I would share. But I need to fire out how to do that...
  16. The opening song that's mostly in Piano. It's actually called Linus and Lucy. And I have a short piece from when Linus is explaining the meaning of Christmas. I tried to post one here for you but I guess the file is too large.
  17. We have a couple different songs from the "Peanuts" Christmas show done in 32 channels.
  18. I seem to have the display down by New Years day at the latest. This year I'm adding Music Box Dancer, I can see the show in my head already.
  19. My list so far... Baby it's cold outside. Robertson's Christmas cd. Carol of the Bells. Trans Harmonic Orchestra. Christmas Can Can. Straight no Chaser Christmas Cookies. Robertson's Christmas cd. Christmas Jam. Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmastime. Michael W. Smith Deck the Halls. Manheim Steamroller. Do you hear what I hear. Manheim Steamroller. Dueling Jingle Bells. Unknown Faith Noel. Trans Siberian Orchestra Faliz Navidad. Manheim Steamroller Joy, Angles we have heard on high. Trans Siberian Orchestra. Let it be Christmas
  20. I've also found some new stuff that I used this last Christmas season (2015) from the "Trans Harmonic Orchestra" that I like quite a bit.
  21. ozarkboy2


    Wrapping tree in tow different directions is something that I haven't even thought about. Good call! And now that you say that, I've seen videos that have a nice effect that I've noticed, and I've wondered how they "Did that" And winding in different directions would cover that. Thanks a lot. Bob
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    Hello all! I'm in my 3rd year using LightORama controllers, and program. We're up to 4 controllers now, and 10k to 12k lights, and mostly led's. We made and used our first spiral tree last Christmas season, and we really liked what we made. Even though we only had 4 channels that were free. For this 2016 Christmas season we've already bought 2 more LOR Controllers, and they are both for the Spiral tree. We're going to use 4 different colors. I'm really having a problem using the LOR Visualizer and trying to draw out a decent 32 channel tree. I'm really hoping that some of
  23. My favorite new song that we've added, is Let It Be Christmas, by Alan Jackson.
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