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  1. Hi All! We are moving into a new house and the more I think about it I'm not sure it is a good spot for a light show. We will be on the corner of a busy county road (two lanes in each direction divided with a median) but the front of the house faces a residential street. Initially I thought it would be fine as there are shoulders on the busy street and the house doesn't face the busy street anyway but is visible. Yesterday as I was driving by the new house (I travel past it almost every day) I was noticing the plants starting to poke through the ground and looked up just in time to see th
  2. I'm sure this has been asked but I can't find it (yes, I did a search). Does anyone use a tablet for sequencing? Any suggested requirements? I'm looking at a 1.3ghz quad core Baytail processor and 2gb of ram tablet.
  3. Very nice! Where did the snowflakes originally come from?
  4. joefrick, amcmac, and wolfie069... Just emailed it to you.
  5. Just sent it out. Let me know if I missed anyone.
  6. I believe I've sent it to everyone that requested. If I missed you let me know.
  7. Winters here in MN last a looooong time. So when I can finally get the lights down I end up with a big ball of lights I throw in the garage because it's cold and I want to be outside for the shortest amount of time possible. I do this with the intention of untangling and organizing everything in the spring... Well, here it is fall again and I'm just now starting to untangle the big mess of lights trying to get them ready to put up again. This is what makes setup so daunting each year. Why don't I learn and just get them put away right each year so I can just setup when the time comes... Grrr..
  8. Godney, what is the sequence called. I didn't see one that called that out or maybe you could send me the link.
  9. Sheesh, I have a hard enough time getting my own house done. I must be doing something wrong...
  10. Hi All, A few years ago I was thinking about making a nativity scene the center of my display. After looking at how expensive the wire frames were ,and not being a big fan of blow molds, I decided to hold off. I had added the components to my Amazon wishlist just in case I changed my mind but had forgotten about them. Today UPS delivered 3 large boxes (luckily I decided to work from home today). A family member decided that my display did need a nativity so ordered the nativity, shepherd and sheep, and wise men. Now I'm figuring out how to use them in my display. Any thoughts or ideas on how
  11. Yep, Brian Setzer Orchestra Getting in the Mood (for Christmas). I shortened it a bit. If you are interested, I could share the sequence with you. Just PM me an email addy.
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