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  1. so I have a projector that we use from time to time. Havent done it in a few years but we are this year. I made my .wav video file and used it as my media for my sequence. I clicked "show video" "full screen" under view. Usually have no issues. Plug the cord into my computer to the projector. Show comes on, video goes up. Not this year. video comes up on the screen little, when I make it full size all is well until it's time for the show to repeat. It doesn't. I've done it this way before. Not sure what is going on. i am using 4.4.8 Anyone have any ideas... am I skipping a step ?
  2. we haven't had issues with people stealing the controllers. We have people stealing our props and cutting wires. This year I have installed security cameras, even in trees. gunna catch them We use a projector from time to time. I make a video file in photostory and turn it into a wav file and use that as my audio media. that being said, I am having issues with it this year, hence why I am here.
  3. I was ordering a new USB connector and I checked my license. It said I wasn't up to date so I renewed my license and installed the new version. Last time I did that there wasn't much change.... but this time... holy crap. I don't even know what I am looking at. Is there a way to go back to the last version? I don't have time to learn this and my show is almost done just have to tweak it and I don't even know what to do. I am about in tears.
  4. well it didn't do what I wanted it to. it only changed up and down by reversing the order. I want to have two colors going top to bottom spiraling right to left and two colors going top to bottom spiraling left to right.... how do I just like, flip it over?
  5. I am not sure this is going to do what he is wanting to do. What I need is to flip the image over. not two colors going up and 2 going down...but 2 colors going down from left to right and 2 colors going down right to left. just flip the image... but I gues I will just finish assigning it and take a look
  6. Thanks Phil. That is what I was doing wrong!!
  7. obviously I am doing something wrong. When I click on the link above- it dls it. when I click on the dl it goes to the visualizer and then nothing happens. if I right click the link, it only allows me to "save" the link. I saved it to my desktop. when I go in visualizer and "open" i click desk top and there is nothing there. what am I doing wrong?
  8. when I click it, it only opens up visualizer, not the file.
  9. how do I save it? it doesn't open up anything when I click on it.
  10. don't suppose you would be willing to share your prop file would ya now Earl? buddy? pal of mine?? as I have no clue how you did that.
  11. yes, that is exactly what i think I am wanting - the way it dances in "oh christmas tree" we have red and white going say left to right and he wants to string blue and green say right to left in the opposite direction so it crisscrosses. do your lights spiral the same direction?
  12. so i have been using a spiral tree "pattern", prop, whatever on visualizer. first year was one color, second year two. I couldn't figure out how to make it 2 colors so I just made a "copy" and placed it on top of each other. WELL this year hubby wants to add two more colors but going the other direction. I don't even know where or how to begin to do that... I can't see if I can just flip the prop...so I need a prop, 16 channels each two colors one way, two colors the other anyone? anyone? Beuller, ....
  13. Thanks. I couldn't remember but I went there and got it. Took me a little to remember how to import it but I got it
  14. a few years ago someone posted a link to somewhere that helped make the spiral tree in the visualizer, I've changed computers and lost that information. Anyone have it? I need a 16 channel x 2 colors. Please help. THanks
  15. we dont use speakers. My husband has this construction radio box thing from Bosch we put it outside and tune it to our radio station.
  16. I need help. I've been doing this for several years now and well, I need to rely on you guys. This year has sucked, mom moved in, a 2nd shoulder surgery, mom broke her hip, then two weeks latter my brother died, started new job, just too much for one girl to handle and now I am way behind and I have hit a creative block. I need help with my spiral tree programming. I need something "cool" a fairly upbeat but not fast song. 16 channels 2 colors. I need something that has a continuous flow to it where it looks cool and pretty. We give all our donations to our local
  17. Yes, that's it!! bootloader - my bad, I was trying to do it by memory
  18. I am at the point of giving up this year. we have had nothing but issues, people cutting cords, deer knocking over stuff and it's stealing my joy. had to get surveillance - FINALLY get everything working - works for a few days just perfectly... THEN run hardware test.... finds all the controllers but one say "bootlegged ..." I try to turn the lights on...NOTHING. David went out to check it... it wasn't even powering up. the light was flashing...nothing. the odd thing is... it wasn't the last box in the chain and everything after that worked fine. so nothing on that box worked for the
  19. well I found out PART of the problem.. Apparently on my new box from last year... there was an issue with the ground plugs on both side. so my husband replaced them... still have a possible issue...but replacing cords today to see whats up
  20. paralegalnc


    I just noticed in the hardware utility it has ELL and it's flashing....just noticed this.... is it supposed to be there? could this be what is causing my issues? I don't have wireless
  21. This is EXACTLY correct... though I have a big piano in my yard also, invest in the little black zip ties...(you will need big ones too) the little black ones are on EVERYTHING. they are the perfect size to ties lights to something. #9 is the most important, but as far as time... it takes a good solid 30 minutes if not longer to just wire up one box. Making sure that the prop is plugged in to the right channel, that the wires are all organized, sure some may take less...but wiring everything up to go live takes a great deal of time especially when you have about 3000 feet of wire. Which
  22. ok so we have 11 controllers with the cables that are shielded...some brand new, some used last year. Everything is daisy chained and worked perfectly. the controller that is #6 in the line decided that it didn't want to do anything. ran hardware test... found 5. had power, no breakers popped. etc. It just wasn't communicating. Now my husband usually handles all this but he is out of town - I ended up moving cords around until it finally worked and all was well. Now we've been having major rain...like 4 days of it. so last night I go and run the hardware and it finds 4 of my 11 control
  23. I had thought about pixels, but then I got to thinking...I spend about 200 hours a year programming the 176 channels I got now. From what I understand pixels give you like unlimited options...which is just too much...cool yes, but too much. Our Mega tree is 16 feet. we have 8 multicolor "wedges" and 16 spiral strands in white. This year we added 25 strobes. we use mini led lights for the wedges and regular ol' lights for the spiral. there's over 5000 light on it. and people love it. My understanding is pixel lights cost alot of money... and that's just not something I dont have...
  24. I just want to stop my programming for a minute and say thanks. It will be a Christmas miracle if we pull a show off this year. A. we were going to move due to work so I said, why do it. then we didn't have to move..so I was behind. Then B. I tore my rotator cuff, my right one and I am right hand dominant so 4-6 weeks in a sling..now more behind... finally able to start the program at the end of July and we know that's not good and my husband works out of town during the week and of course it seems to rain every weekend.... So we took some sequences from prior years and tweaked them and
  25. Lowes online.... got a bunch.
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