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  1. Does anyone have the 48 pixel candy cane prop file? I am having a hard time finding it.
  2. bradw2509@gmail.com Thanks!!!
  3. Which version of I put a Spell on you did you use? I would live to use this in my show.
  4. So I always print out and laminate the channel configuration from LOR so that I can make sure everything is connected just right. My display is mostly LED AC Lights with some Dumb RGB. I upgraded to S5 with the idea to learn it this year and upgrade to pixels next.
  5. May I please have a copy of this too? This is the only part I am missing in my visualizer. Thanks! Bradw2509@gmail.com
  6. Can you email me a copy? It will not work for me? Maybe the .LMS file? bradw2509@gmail.com
  7. May I have a copy of this too please? bradw2509@gmail.com
  8. May please get a copy as well bradw2509@gmail.com
  9. is this Cant Stop this Feeling? If so I would love a copy... bradw2509@gmail.com
  10. I decided to add this one at the last minute.. I have all my sequencing done but I would love to add the singing faces.. If you could please send over a copy? Bradw2509@Gmail.com
  11. May I get a copy with the singing trees as well. Please and Thank you! bradw2509@gmail.com
  12. Anyone have a sequence for Bret Elderedge/Megahn Trainor Baby its Cold outside or Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Dan + Shay? Here are the youtube links for the songs.
  13. Can i get a copy of this PLEASE!! Bradw2509@gmail.com
  14. Can i get a copy of this PLEASE!! Bradw2509@gmail.com
  15. Anyone have this yet? bradw2509@gmail.com
  16. May I get a copy too please? bradw2509@gmail.com
  17. I would love to check it out!! Bradw2509@gmail.com
  18. May I please get a copy too?? Bradw2509@gmail.com
  19. Can i please get a copy too!! bradw2509@gmail.com
  20. Can I get a copy of some of your sequences with singing faces for Christmas? A friend of mine ordered me some of the Coro Signing Trees as a suprise and they showed up yesterday and now I have to scramble and reprogram my show to add them! bradw2509@gmail.com
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