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  1. Hi everyone. I was planning to get back into light shows this year after a few years off with a bigger and better show. However my life and priorities have changed so I will be selling everything. I need to down size and just don't have the space or the energy to keep doing this. My last real show was in 2016, this video should give you an idea of some of what my display looked like: For sale: 30x - WS2811 RGB strips - 30 led per meter white pcb 12v (New and unused from December 2019) | $16 CAD each or $300 CAD for all. 2x - Alphapix 4 (gen 1) controller
  2. Oh cool! thanks.. Can I still do that though if it's registered to a dead computer? The license was on a computer that died several years ago and I no longer have.. I never thought about the HU at the time.. If I can just use my old license key though that would be good.. Should I contact support if its registered on a dead machine? I guess I'll give it a shot later today, and if it fails I'll open a ticket. Thanks!
  3. I used to use that LOR version, until 2015 when I switched to Xlights. Now my whole show for 2020 will be running on a MA2 and madrix, all time coded in midi. I no longer know my old advanced license key.. (As I said I no longer have an active license). However I do still know the email address that was associated with the license. It just says that in my profile because thats what it was years ago and I haven't been here in 3 years. When I logged in today, the forum forced me to keep that information there, even though I know it's not currently accurate. Sorry for an
  4. Thats not too good... Putting a limit on the first 2 Id's in the HU seems petty.. I understand the limit for the sequencer and the scheduler, but the hardware utility?? Really... I wanted to have other things on that universe that come before.. Thats really it. I could work around it, but that would mean moving other channels around at the expense of the controller, or making an entire other universe just for this one box. It can be done but I don't really want to have to work around things, I want things to work with me whenever possible to make my life simpler.
  5. I looked in the comparison software list on the LOR site and according to it, the demo does not have a functional HU. http://www1.lightorama.com/showtime-sequencing-suite/#levels (under utility programs). However I will still try this later today when I get the chance. Thank you.
  6. Ah.. That sucks I have one of the planet christmas models without the dip switches.. Is there any hardware utility type of program available for free? I'm sorry if I'm sounding stingy... But it's just not really worth the money in my opinion to have to spend $40 USD just to buy software to assign a single controller a new ID. Anyway, Thank you so much for the quick response!
  7. Hi everyone, Its been a long time since I've been on here and have taken a 3 year break from light shows but I am planning on coming back for 2020.. So my question is can I change a LOR controller ID without using the LOR software suite? Is there a standalone program available to change just the controller ID? I don't need any test utilities or anything fancy, just something to change the ID. I have one V2 LOR controller, that I've been running in DMX mode since 2015, and I do not use any LOR related software at this point.. So I don't have a current or even active license for the se
  8. Awesome work! I actually watched it twice because this was seriously one of the best christmas shows I have seen so far... I think the arches gave your display more dimension and made everything look larger then your previous years. What did you program the pixels with SE, PE, XL? I think for 2017 you should focus on outlining the whole house in RGB pixels, and move the tree away from the house (because you have windows behind the tree). Then upgrade the tree and yard elements to pixels in future years. Once again good job!
  9. I did not use LOR yet... I was playing with the SE at the time but did not want to spend the money yet. My 2011 show was 8 channels, it was run off a kit-74 relay board in vixen 2 the relay board ran off the computers parallel printer port so I ran a super old desktop with windows xp that had a printer port. If you watch the video I linked in my above post you can hear the clicks of the mechanical relays if you listen carefully . I upgraded to LOR and jumped into pixels in 2012 and then stopped using LOR software and switched over to xlights in 2014 because I was having lag issues with LOR
  10. Looks good! I did the same thing as you in 2011, I put my first show together in a week with a $100 budget... What you do in year 2 will be awesome!
  11. Richard Holdman was hired by that family to do a christmas light show on their home.
  12. Wow on the forum at the same time! I used final cut pro X
  13. Hi, First off I would recomend bringing the projector in at night for the possibility of the cold damaging the bulb and moisture. I think you will be fine for the temperature as 40 below does not seem too bad. Were I am we can get -20 celsius (Im not sure what that is in fahrenheit). If you choose to leave the projector out at night I recommend locking the enclosure down with a steal cable and putting sand bags, cinder blocks, or large containers of water in the bottem to weigh it down, against strong winds and vandalism. I would also recomend a bigger fan because projectors ge
  14. Very nice! Such a cool display and I love the detail put into the props! What did you use for video playback with two displays? I use FPP.
  15. Is there a way I can block/ignore the entire "sequence sharing" sub forum? Or is it only for individual posts?
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