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  1. I want to thank both of you for this post. I was struggling with the same issue of adding additional universes to my custom prop and this gave me the answer! I created a custom prop in the form of a cross with 455 pixels. Once I chose custom prop in the shape area, I configured the grid to 39X57 and started numbering the pixels starting with 1. Once I got to 113 (the end of the first string) I restarted the numbering with 1001 as you mention here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. I am using Windows 10, and did last year as well (no problems). These lights/controllers have worked fine the last few years using S4. The only thing is that I changed this year is to upgrade to S5. The lights I am referring to that don't work are the dumb RGB light strips I bought from LOR when I purchased the CMB24D controller and the CCR strips (version1). I believe I have always run my regular network at 57K with no problems. But I will try stepping up the speed to see what happens. I am using the red RS485-HS high speed dongle. The CMB24D is unit 5, the CCRs are 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  3. Using S5.3.8 with Pro license. All controllers work when testing through the Hardware Utility. When I run a sequence, AC lights running through CBT16 work fine on the regular enhanced network, as do all the pixels on my E1.31network. I have a CMB24 on the regular network and those dumb lights do not come on during playback, neither do the CCRs (type-1). I've double checked and the unit IDs in the preview match what the the hardware utility says. I'm stumped. Why won't these ribbons come on during playback?
  4. Yes, I imported the SE file into PE and went from there. Thanks!!
  5. I am getting close to finishing my first song in Pixel Editor. These are new props that I'm adding to an existing sequence. I use 4 Cosmic Color Ribbons in the existing sequence that I originally programmed with SuperStar, and then imported them into the Sequence Editor. Will I need to do something similar to that with the programming I'm doing in Pixel Editor? Or does the show read straight from the Pixel Editor through the network configuration? Bottom line: Assuming I have the network setup correctly (which is another whole topic), once I finish the Song in PE and save both the file an
  6. Thank you. I read about the ELOR board, but I'm also reading the Introduction to DMX and E1.31 from the LOR publication http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/IntroductionToDMXandE131.pdf I've got more to study and more questions to ask, but it looks to me like I will run my LOR network with the USB to RS485 converter like I always have. Then buy a router, and hook the computer's LAN port to one of its ports and the PS1 controller to another. Does that sound right?? I've got a LOT to learn.
  7. I'm also wandering into this world of pixels. I ordered a SanDevices PS1 with an e682 board. Their web site says it is compatible with LOR, so I assume I can daisy chain it in the same network as the four CTB16's I have. Does that sound correct?
  8. The led strings in the white stripes do have a bluish tint to them when they are against the white stripes of the flag, but it is not as apparent in person.
  9. Earlier in the year I asked some questions about building a flag display for 4th of July, now I can't find that post. Some of the people that helped me asked that I show what I ended up with. I made this flag out of a 4X8 sheet of plywood and repurposed some of my LED strings from Christmas for the stripes. The stars are 7 watt C7 bulbs like what night lights use. Using 63 channels (50 stars & 13 stripes). I also have 3 Cosmic Color Ribbons in the shape of stars as part of the display, but this was just a test of the flag. I want to thank those who helped with suggestions earli
  10. I REALLY appreciate these ideas! I already have the controllers from my Christmas light display and will be using 3 CCRs to make large 5-pointed stars to go with the flag. So there isn't any added expense for that. My intent is to control each of the 50 stars so that I can create geometric shapes in that blue field as the music plays. I thought about the C-9 and C-7 bulbs, but they are pretty large - my stars have a 3" radius. I guess I'm just not familiar enough with the pixels to know how to make them work the way I want. I found some bulbs on the Action Lighting web site 5W T7 cand
  11. I am building a 4th of July flag from a 4X8 sheet of plywood. My plan is to drill holes and stick the mini lights through. I'm using 70 M5 led mini light strings for each stripe and the blue background. Here's my problem - I want to have a single light to illuminate each star so I can control them separately (yes, 50 channels just for the stars in the flag). I thought I'd be able to just cut up a white light string and put vamp plugs on each one, but I read that the leds don't like that much current. I tried cutting up an incandescent mini light string with one light on a plug, but it i
  12. I bought one of the kits with the CMB24 controller and 8 rgb dumb strips. In programming for Halloween, I'm having trouble getting the strips to be orange. I'm using the S3 software. When I use either of the 2 orange presets from the color pallet, the strips appear pink rather than orange. Does anybody know what settings will give me a good orange color?
  13. This is my 3rd year to use Light-O-Rama products in my home Christmas display. I have received so much help from this forum, I thought I'd attempt to pay back and post my most recent adventure building a controller box for the CMB 24 controller I purchased at the Mad Grab sale. I bought the package that has the 8 dumb RGB strips. I want to add the RGB floods next year. I've attached pictures to show what I did. I went to Home Depot and bought a big plastic box in the electrical section. The Power supply I purchased from Light-O-Rama is the biggest piece and is 9" long, so I bought a 10"
  14. I bought the CMB24 with 8 dumb light strips in the Mad Grab sale. I already use S3 to program regular lights and Super Star for my Cosmic Color Ribbons. I then import the Super Star into the S3. I'm not sure how to program the dumb strips. I've looked for tutorials, and read as many of related forum posts as I could find. Is there a video to watch somewhere I am missing? Do I just convert 8 channels in the S3 software to RGB and program them like other regular channels? If I don't get started soon, I'll be panicking as Christmas gets closer. Help??!!!???
  15. Thanks Ron. I guess that's one of those "well, duh" moments for me!! Much simpler than I thought.
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