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  1. So I have some okay video from my cell, however the audio just is not that great. What software are you guys using to make your videos look and sound so good? I tried the wife's new Fuji HD camera and was not impressed with the quality of video nor the sound (my cell phone did a much better job). Do I need to actually go out and purchase a camcorder? I would much rather spend the money on clearance LED's or another controller or two.... There are so many great video's out there... Please tell me everything you guys are using..... Below is a link to what my phone has done... <iframe
  2. I am wanting to add CCR's to my display next year. What exactly do I need? 1. Are the CCR's controlled by a different controller? 2. Do I need to update or add more software? I need info that makes sense...
  3. Rob I have Christmas in Sarejevo for 112 chan. This too is my first year... Send me your email.
  4. Party Rock Anthem: http://youtu.be/ke9oZsF9zEo This is Halloween: http://youtu.be/2QWiaIURYOs
  5. Audio not the greatest, also seems to be dark.
  6. I sent you all the final sequence to this song. Let me know what you think.
  7. I have started this song, about a minute 12 sec. complete. I wish I knew how to screen shoot video here.
  8. I would like to check it out! raubuchon75@gmail.com
  9. I have about a minute of this song sequenced. I would post to the forum by not sure how to do so yet. Send me your email and I would be more than happy to share what I have done.
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