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  1. Hi Everyone I found a vendor that I have been talking to and trying to get a good deal on 5050 Led Strips RGB here is the quote I got after talking with them for awhile. 5M RGB 5050 60Leds/M Waterproof IP65 for a lot of 50 for $750 + shipping 15.00 a set Verses 18 to 24 on ebay 5M RGB 5050 30Leds/M Waterproof IP65 for a lot of 50 for $600 + Shipping 12.00 a set 5M RGB 3528 60Leds/M Waterproof IP65 for a lot of 50 for $550 + shipping 11.00 a set On each lot they quoted me $92.00 for shipping to ship 50 led lights to US My question is from what they sale for on ebay and we
  2. Hi Everyone I have an image in my head about doing a spiral tree this year out of 16 strands of Led Strips RGB 3528 . I was thinking of using PVC for the tree and wrapping the strips around the tree in a spiral way...Here are my questions...What height should I make the tree? and the base? I only had one LOR controller and hope it continues working after it was fixed the controller I have I bought on ebay and it only had one electric cord for all 16 channels but on the board it does say light o rama like I have seen on here... it worked great last year but in the last week of my display 8 cha
  3. Hi Everyone I am a newbie to LOR , I bought a used 16 channel system last year and only half of it worked the second week into my display. I Have been reading up on here alot and everything that i read says that the LOR system is ran off of two 110 cords the one i have here is only one 110 cord to run all 16 channels...so i guess i got one that someone made up...It does say LOR on the control panel. Well about my Family , I am a 42 year old father of three kids they are Brandon 8 , Jessica 7 and Hannah 6 they are my pride and joy.. They are the reason why i put all my faith and heart into
  4. Hello Everyone This was my first year and i only had one 16 channel box...I have just got a second box . And like alot of people said on here i need to do more yard stuff and i plan on using 32 Strands on 100 GE Led Light Sets to do a Mega Tree or Spiral Tree . I have been messing around in Sequencing for mega verses Spiral and i just cant seen to get it right it just does not look good and i was wondering does anyone have any partial Spiral Tree or Mega tree sequences that i can use for a test and mostly learn from? I was thinking 2 light sets per channel...I really want to do a spiral tree
  5. Hi Everyone I was just wondering Is there a way to copy certian channels from one Sequence and put it onto another sequence? If so how can i do that? Thankyou Rick
  6. I was trying to find Jeff Millards Icicles Fixture and cant find it does anyone have it or another one that i can use? Thankyou Rick
  7. Please let me know what you think now, I set up a setup in Visualizer and toned it down alot and redid the sequence alot...so please let me know if i am doing better? This is just 16 channels on the house i am going to get atleast one more controller for next year depending on funds if i will beable to get 2 more controllers ...so any help or suggestions will really help.. Thankyou
  8. Thankyou WilliamS I did the Sequencing Myself , I did not know about Superstar....I am working in my Visualizer right now and after i get what i want i will post that on here and see what people think how i have changed stuff and hope i will be getting better....we will see ... Rick
  9. Oh Also forgot to mention this was my first year in Tallahassee and i was voted the third best house with lights in the community paper... which made me fell really great, I also collected over 300 pounds of food and $465.00 in cash for the Homeless Shelter....Rick
  10. Thankyou For all of your Commits, I had only one controller and had all these lights and what the heck i used them all , well not all i had about 3000 lights i did not use , Over the past 3 years i have been buying alot of Leds after christmas and i added about 4000 lights for next year so now i will have about 20000 led for next year....THE 2 9 foor Light show Cone trees i am going to get rid of....If anyone is intersted PM me.....I want to try to get 2 more controllers for next year and like everyone says i need to tone it down alot...Is there anyone that can suggest what they would do with
  11. I have two 9 foot Led Light Show Tree's for sale.. This outdoor tree has 334 brilliant LEDs that illuminate in alternating, symmetrical patterns that dance across the tree's vertical and horizontal planes. The flashing LEDs quickly run through nine light patterns, creating a vibrant, rich glow. The light patterns automatically restart every four minutes and five LEDs inside the star-shaped tree topper glow in unison with each light sequence. Made from 1" thick powder-coated steel, the frame is built to endure years of blustery winter weather. LEDs are rated for up to 50,000 hours of use. Minor
  12. This is my first year with 16 channel Light o Rama and i had roughly 12000 LED Lights plus about 1800 Incandent lights...Please let me know how i did even if it is bad...Thankyou Rick
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