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  1. Awesome! Was just about that ask Sean. Thank you.
  2. Hope Sean doesn't mind me posting this, but he has made an in depth pixel controller comparison chart for all current and future controllers.Very useful info. http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/rgb_controllers/
  3. The beagle's price start out at $170 assembled!
  4. At 680 pixels hope there are no failures in that string.
  5. Sold, thanks for the interest...
  6. Price drop $300 plus shipping
  7. Will beta output to lights or is it basically a demo?
  8. Cleaning out my 5 Volt pixels that I have lying around. These are all 5 volt all used one season with the exception of the ws2801 bullets, they are new. The square pixels have been patch in several spots because of bad pixels. No guarantee on those but the majority did work at last use. I would like to sell as a lot. Unless I find a buyer for the square and bullets separately. The squares fit into a large flat rate box $18 to ship and the Bullets fit in a medium flat rate $13 to ship. So here is what I have up for sale. All 5 Volt Square ws2811 4 strings - 96 pixels 4 strings - 94 pixels Tota
  9. Figured it would be easier to reference to.:-)
  10. ← Important Announcements Light-O-Rama Forums » S4 Software Suite Beta Information Locked LightORamaDanToday, 01:26 PM As was mentioned in a thread last week, we will be releasing a beta of the S4 software this month. There have been a number of questions asked and I will try and answer some of them here and now. When will the S4 beta be released? The software will be released before the end of March 2015. What is this going to cost me? An evaluation copy of the Beta is free if your license supports S3 version 3.12.2. The production code cost depends on your current license. The simpl
  11. I believe the post that was considered "clutter" was removed by Admin.
  12. Strips= strip clubs Nodes= Family Christmas Lights Show :-)
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