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  1. I have totally rebuilt my show and I am using whole different sets of universes. How do I clear out all the currently configured universes and start completely over?
  2. I found if you go from :45 to 1:50 it is a complete cycle and makes a Geeky/Xmas type song that flows well. It leads with God Rest and them morphs into the Cantina Band.
  3. Bob.. Have you ever thought of having MIIP added to Xlights(I know it would take abit of coding on their part to add the command window functions)? Alot of us would like to use MIIP with something other than LOR software.
  4. I have bought alot from Rainy.. Good guy and awesome products..
  5. Thanks for giving out the sequence James. Could you send me a copy too? hurdd@hotmail.com
  6. Could you send me Daryl.Travis@hotmail.com 1Greensleeves 00.52Jingle Bells Winter Wonderland NavarrRockin' Around the Christmas Tree Brenda Lee
  7. I would love a copy too.. Daryl.Travis@hotmail.com
  8. I know I will be there.. Jennifer will probaly miss this one as she scheduled a Girls Gone Wild weekend with all her girlfriends on the coast the same weekend..
  9. I am not so hot at sequencing and I am looking for someone to sequence some songs for me.. Who is good at sequencing to do large RGB pixel displays? Here is my rough set up... 3 large wall of stars... Each wall 160 pixels 1440 channels 30 ground holiday coro stars 30 pixels 90 channels 100 ground holiday coro stars 100 pixels 300 channels 8 holiday coro candy canes 128 pixels 384 channels 4 holidaycoro canes and 4 columns 128 pixels 384 channels 1 GeekMyTree 8 ft tree 400 pixels 1200 channels 1 3 color MegaTree LED strings 48 channels 16 3 co
  10. George, I see you have older sequences for sale from 2012 and older.. Will you be putting up your 2013-2014 sequences for sale there too?
  11. I do not know what is causing your problem.. But I do have a workaround for checking to make sure that your show computer is running.. I have installed Teamviewer on my show computer and installed the app on my smartphone.. So when I am away, I can check on the show computer and make sure that it is running. Also I added some security cameras that I can remotely view to see the output of the show. I have had occasion to stop/start the show remotely.. Great when I am testing things outside and I want to run a sequence..
  12. I do 6 homes myself.. on my side of the street we do almost all pixels and the other side of the street we do almost all white led lights. Each home is allocated at least 1 LOR controller with a ELL. Once I get my E1.31 wireless working... Then the gloves are off and pixels will happen on both side of the streets.. Remember if you want to go cheap, you only need 1 set of Wireless ELL's. Then each home can have their own controller and the connect to the next yard controller. Also since we have them on a ELL setup, they get their own LOR output from the show computer.. So if they fail, only 1/2
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