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  1. We have a rule here too, same as you. However they can not force you to remove them if you are setting up a different display. Tell them It is for V Day and they should leave you alone. I got my notice 4 days ago when I started taking down my lights, I was in my yard getting ready and they dropped it off telling me to take them down. HA!!! I left them up and still running my show. I still get people driving by and thanking me, even last night. No where to go or do because of Covid. Hey I know a really cool light show we can go see. Let them talk I say and warn you, but what are they going to do?, evict you. They dont want to loose the rent on your site. If they persist call your local tv station and tell them. They love news like this.
  2. I normally take mine down on the 2nd of January but because of the increase in people coming I think I am going to wait until the 2nd week of Jan and then decide but no more than 2 weeks. Funny how it takes 3 to 4 weeks to set up but only half a day to tear down and store it away, In my case, rotate out for the next show in july, lol
  3. Christmas, I go all out but do smaller shows for 4th of July and Halloween
  4. Just watched one of his vids, lol. This was my first idea Too. If I owned the field, that is what I would do However if just looking for a safer dryer pull off, then I would stone pack from the first tree to just before the mail truck pull off in front of your home. And then from the field drive to the pole on the other side. If you include the mail truck pull off and the field drive too you can contact the county and the field owner to see if they will chip in. Just an Idea
  5. Holy Lots of Space Lightman!!! , do you dress up the whole yard? and do you want pull offs on both sides of the road? I have a few ideas for you.
  6. No Not opposed at all however, 25 for the sequence and 25 to be able to modify it I just can not justify for this late in the game. I was hoping for someone to share if they have it so I can make a few changes real quick and get it going this year for the request. I can have one made for next years show, Was just trying to fill a request real quick. I have a lot of christmas music sequenced that I have done over the years, I just for some reason have not done this one yet, lol. Thank you for the INFO,
  7. Hello, I have looked but could not find what I am looking for. My show is running but I have had a request for a song I do not have. Rocking Around the Christmas tree by Brenda Lee. If any One has this for a 32 channel or more sequenced and is willing to share it, it would be greatly appreciated. I will not share this unless you say I can and it will only be for this years show for this request. I will make another for next year but if you or anyone out there can help Thank you in advance Dennis Smith MackLights Toledo Ohio
  8. Ok, I know this is probably irrelevant but I had this same problem last year , 1st video plays fine then crash on second video. My work around after doing many things was, in show editor , change the order. The one getting the error is the second video, I switched the order of the two videos, 1st video is now second and second video is now first. It seemed to work for me. Hope it helps you
  9. So this all includes the controller, power supply, enclosure and dangles for 220 shipped?
  10. Interested in this one, to 43615. I have someone that just asked me If I have a spare for there child who is now doing school from home because of the quarantine. I dont have one but this Asus would work just fine for them. Let me know and I will contact them and tell them what you are offering. thanks dennis
  11. Hey Orville, looks like someone else has asked this same question online a couple years ago. There is 2 real good vids on youtube for this. The vid that answers your question is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Yi5c7PhuY there is another that shows how to increase the volume of the voice over and decrease the volume of the music by playing around with the gain control of the 2 tracks. when done save to new folder and done. Hope this helps
  12. Did the same here, Month to set up. 6 hrs to tare down, lol. what part of ohio? im in Toledo
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