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  1. Ok, I know this is probably irrelevant but I had this same problem last year , 1st video plays fine then crash on second video. My work around after doing many things was, in show editor , change the order. The one getting the error is the second video, I switched the order of the two videos, 1st video is now second and second video is now first. It seemed to work for me. Hope it helps you
  2. So this all includes the controller, power supply, enclosure and dangles for 220 shipped?
  3. Interested in this one, to 43615. I have someone that just asked me If I have a spare for there child who is now doing school from home because of the quarantine. I dont have one but this Asus would work just fine for them. Let me know and I will contact them and tell them what you are offering. thanks dennis
  4. Hey Orville, looks like someone else has asked this same question online a couple years ago. There is 2 real good vids on youtube for this. The vid that answers your question is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Yi5c7PhuY there is another that shows how to increase the volume of the voice over and decrease the volume of the music by playing around with the gain control of the 2 tracks. when done save to new folder and done. Hope this helps
  5. Did the same here, Month to set up. 6 hrs to tare down, lol. what part of ohio? im in Toledo
  6. And in that case WinRAR does it all.
  7. You are correct, LOR Built!!!!!!. Price drops 20 to 30 bucks if LOR didn't build it. Also remember if you do not buy from LOR, no warranty.
  8. V1 = 125 max V2 = 175 max V3 = 225 max Now these prices are for used not new Now some people list for more in hopes to get more but in all reality this is all they are worth. Good luck mate
  9. This is also true for me. Although I started in 2011. And had to take a year off in 2018. Lights back on in 2019. My first year I didnt get much response, ie traffic. how ever each year I did this more and more people came. I dont get many people where I live but word does travel fast. in 2017 my average was about 2 - 300 cars a season, I do three shows a year. The thank you's and the smiles were all worth it. I took a year off and when I came back on this year I was not getting the response that I was use to and even thought just like you, Should I just give up? are people just into it anymo
  10. I used a 4x4 peg board, spray paint black, drilled hole in center for cords and zipties to mount canes on board. all under 6 bucks and have had them for 3 years now. Hope this helps
  11. Is this what your looking for https://www.colordreamer.com/product-item/dmx-address-writer-wt01/
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLz80XPCb3U Is this what your looking for
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