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  1. I'm trying to download a standalone animation sequence to a Showtime controller. Initial sequence was 10 minutes long, but would only run first 8 seconds or so then restart. I've created several sequences ranging in 10 seconds to 10 minutes thinking the sequence was too long. At 10 seconds I know I am under 5,000 commands, so I don't know what else is causing this to not download and operate correctly. Animation sequence is simply 16 channels for one unit. When I play from Sequence Editor, with the standalone sequence removed, the unit operates perfect. Any suggestions for what I ma
  2. That was it. Windows actually assigned my Aux A comm to the regular network and Aux A no longer had a comm assigned to it. Thanks
  3. Hoping someone can help me out. I have (4) CCB controllers that I have been running in my display since 2013. I fired up the same show as last year to check what's working, and everything is working fine, except the CCBs. Again, using same sequences/show that worked fine last year. CCBs are on their own Auxiliary high speed network, same as last year. LOR locates all four devices in the Hardware Utility. All 4 have power. Two are replacements, so two had version 1.18 firmware and two had version 1.21 firmware. I updated the older two and now all 4 are on 1.21. Does anyone
  4. I had some CCB strings go out due to the controller getting wet. I substituted CCPs on two of my 8 trees. The color between the two is very similar, but the CCPs have a sharper, brighter bulb and the CCBs, because of the cover, aren't quite as bright.
  5. I have had the same issue for 4 years. I believe my problem is with LED net lights, but not certain they are the problem. Radios and TVs buzz when lights are dimmed. I don't have a solution, but curious if anyone else does.
  6. Bob, Are there any shotcuts for separating out "white" from the rgb channels? If I have an element with red, green, blue and white light strings, degrouping will give me r-g-b, but no white. Any thoughts on how to separate without cutting pasting? Thanks
  7. I have a question related to this thread. My issue is that when my LED nets and strings outside dim, my TVs and a computer inside the house, on different circuits, will buzz. Even if the TVs are off. Anyone else experience this? Thanks
  8. Also using MIIP. Frozen - Let it Go most popular, followed by Gangnam Style (vote in only), then God Bless the USA Medley by the Patriots. Also popular is Minion's Banana Song and TSO Dream of Fireflies. Most other songs just play through, however Linus & Lucy is either hot or cold. Some nights there are more people voting not to see it than many of the other songs. Who knew.
  9. We had a Cosmic Color Bulb string go bad on us Monday night. It had been working intermittently throughout the night, then just went dark. I had opened a ticket and throughout the night, the help desk support team had been very responsive providing suggestions to determine what the problem might be. When it was clear it was a bad string, they overnighted me a new string Tuesday for Wednesday - Christmas Eve. I can't thank them enough for their prompt and exceptional customer care. These devices aren't perfect and for the amount of time we work to put our displays on, for only a few weeks,
  10. I concur. Very cool and visitors love the control and trying to out vote each other. You learn which sequences your viewers really like by how they vote. And neighbors tell me they don't have to avoid our house any longer when with their kids, since they can make it a 5 to 6 minute mid-week visit versus up to 30 minutes to hear their favorite song. Very cool and Bob is very helpful, even for those of us that don't work with PCs or software for a living.
  11. This is what helped me last year. Adding 12 CCRs and 4 CCBs created quite a lag until I clicked this use compressed sequence box
  12. Up until Earle's post, I thought Radiant Holidays had a great deal at $134.99 & Free Shipping. http://radiant-holidays.com/radiant_holidays/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=130 Thanks Earle!
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