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  1. Edit: Nevermind solved my issue with it.
  2. When you enable the LOR are you then trying to run the sequence from the sequence editor or are you trying to run a show? If I remember correctly once LOR is enabled the sequence editor isn't able to control the lights.
  3. Bob, Can you post the routing info here please, or send it to me in a PM if you want, whatever is easier. I've got a similar setup, expect my show computer has internet access off the wifi, and I'll be running the E1.31 through the wired NIC which will be set to operate on a different network than the rest of the house. E1.31 will be running in unicast, atleast that's the plan right now. Thanks
  4. Mines sitting in my cold cellar under my porch at the front of the house. No issues with that location last year. How far do you need to broadcast?
  5. I use Teamviewer on my iPhone to do this. Free app for personal use. I've got it loaded on all my computers so I can always remote access them.
  6. Absolutely amazing. I hope one day my Halloween show looks as good as yours.
  7. Nice, that's on my list of things to do for Halloween this year when I get some free time.
  8. Definitely not good news. I was planning on assembling my new pieces in October, looks like that might get pushed back. And of course my new Sandevice controller showed up today but I've got nothing to connect to it
  9. I started with Youtube last year and had all sorts of problems with copy right issues and adds on mobile devices. Switched to Vimeo and haven't had an issue since with them. I'll definately be sticking with Vimeo for the foreseeable future.
  10. Has anyone had any contact with the guys at DIY LED Express lately? I placed an order during their presale over a month ago and haven't heard anything from them. I know it can take some time to get things after the presale closes, but I've emailed a few times just trying to get an idea of when things might be shipping and haven't received an answer to date. Thanks
  11. I played with this a little bit last year and found that there was a pretty sizable lag between what was playing on the computer I was broadcasting from and what was playing on the internet station. I think it was just a product of the time it took to upload from the computer to the internet station. It seemed like a cool idea, but I quickly moved on to other things as I just didn't see anyway to overcome the lag issue.
  12. Year 1 for me was 48 channels and about a half universe of DMX (another 256 channels approximately). Year two I'm up to 64 regular LOR channels but now 4 universes of DMX (2048 channels). As previously mentioned, it's an addiction. Last years summer sale started July 3, and the announcement went out July 1, so maybe you'll get some info on it soon.
  13. Sweet, morning after the sale started and I was still able to get the controller I wanted for this. Glad that's off the list, now on to ordering and setting up the RGB pixels. Big expansion this year
  14. Last year was my first year, and I stuck mostly to TSO songs and a few other Christmas songs. By and far the TSO songs were the most popular. This year though, I'm going to sprinkle in some other songs. The Pirates of the Caribbean theme being the first one I've done. I'm thinking I may run the Christmas show for a few hours a night and then towards the end of the night run a non-christmas show of other various songs that I want to do that might not be Christmas related.
  15. Awesome, may not be that song, but I'm definitely adding something from Pink Floyd to my display this year.
  16. As someone that used to climb hydro substation towers, 30-40 feet I'm ok with. But you couldn't pay me enough to do what those guys are doing in the videos.
  17. As Dennis said, if all you're planning on running is Light-0-Rama controllers, than the USB-RS485 from LOR is all you need. If you plan on adding colour changing DMX controlled fixtures this year, that's where the Enttec products come in. I used an Enttec Open USB last year for my DMX fixtures. The difference between the two is the Open USB uses the computer that is running the LOR show handles sending the DMX commands from LOR to the fixtures, the Open USB just acts as a converter. The USB Pro adapter handles the DMX commands itself, which becomes helpful if you're running LOR on an older computer that may not have enough processor power to handle running both the LOR show and the DMX commands.
  18. I'm glad to hear that one grinch wasn't able to ruin Christmas for all the people that love your display.
  19. Awesome little utility. Made creating my new RGB props for this year crazy easy.
  20. Ya my suspicion was that nothing existed as a direct replacement. Oh well, guess I'll have to order some other options and see what I can make work i my application.
  21. First year for LOR for me, but I ordered two for all 3 of my controllers and they worked flawlessly through snow, rain, freezing rain, basically everything this crazy winter threw at them. I'll definitely be ordering more any time I get new controllers. Seems like money well spend to me.
  22. The RGB geyser is awesome, I want one now. Quick question though, being that there's snow on the ground and your in Canada, did you have any problems with this being out in the cold and freezing? That would be my only concern. I think I may need to convince the wife that I need one.
  23. The number 1 comment I got from people was "This is great, but how much is your electric bill"
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