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  1. cjjr

    Pixel 8

    looking at Pixel 8, can I run 8 X 100 pixel strings to create 16 X 50 tree? Looking at the user manual, it looks like it can be done, am I right? New to smart RGB Thanks!
  2. OK with every thing that's going on, I have seen some talking about putting lights up to run a show. Well I am thinking about it, but would like to run a small show, couple of standard controllers, one dumb rgb controller and non Christmas or Halloween. I was thinking of doing some rock songs, but do not have any programed( I have programed all my songs), but to make it simple would need programs in a 4X4 layout as to not be custom layout If you have any to share, please pass them on. Thanks in advance e-mail to me cjjr1959@mchsi.com or tell what you have first sound of s
  3. Gentleman, I too would be interested in what the problem is, as one of my controllor has a channel that stays on all the time the controllor is powered up. It just started a couple of days ago. This controllor ran all of the halloween show and I have been running my Christmas show for 2 weeks now without a problem.
  4. When does LOR have there summer sale? I need to order a couple of things. Just wondering. Thanks
  5. cjjr

    my first kit

    Just finished soldering my first kit!!!! Took a little over six hours to due and man I did not know it would be so much fun to do!!! Made my own heat sinks at work today out of some scrape alum that was being thrown out. Tested it with the hardware utility and everything works!!! I now have the bug! One controller is NOT going to be enough!!! Will order another one in a couple of month so that I have two for Halloween. Need to get going on layout and lights and getting sequences going. May have to borrow a few! Will be searching for sequences and songs now! My wife is not going to like the mon
  6. thanks for the help. I plugged it in and it went through the driver install and is working fine. I had installed the driver from the web as many had had problems with Win 7 and the disc download.
  7. New to LOR, got my kit, port adapter, and software. Just wondering, is there a way to check and see if the driver loaded? When I loaded it, two different black screens can up and then went away. But did not get any finished window to tell me it was done? And I have window 7. Thanks form a newbi.
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